Makefile.preamble   [plain text]

GCC = gcc-4.0
GCCLIBS = -lgcc -lgcc_eh

BEFORE_BUILD += comm-page-symbols
BEFORE_INSTALL += profile debug
AFTER_INSTALL  += compat-next compat-bsd copy_plist

PROFILE_BUILD_LIBS := $(foreach LIBS, $(LIBS), $(LIBS)_profile) $(GCCLIBS)
DEBUG_BUILD_LIBS := $(foreach LIBS, $(LIBS), $(LIBS)_debug  ) $(GCCLIBS)

# the _stub.o files need to come first to ensure that they override the default stubs
OTHER_LIBTOOL_FLAGS = $(OFILE_DIR)/spinlock_stub.o \
	$(OFILE_DIR)/spinlocktry_stub.o \
	$(OFILE_DIR)/spinunlock_stub.o \
	-L/usr/lib/system -sub_library libmathCommon -lmathCommon \
	-segcreate __DATA __commpage $(OFILE_DIR)/CommPageSymbols.o
ifndef LP64
OTHER_LIBTOOL_FLAGS += -sectorder __TEXT __text System.order

BSD_LIBS = c info kvm m pthread dbm poll dl rpcsvc

include $(MAKEFILEPATH)/CoreOS/ProjectBuilder/Makefile.Preamble.Common