kipc_server.h   [plain text]

 * kipc_server.h
 * $Header$
 * Copyright 2006 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
 * All Rights Reserved.
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 * or implied warranty.


#include <Kerberos/kipc_common.h>

#define kKerberosIPCMaxMsgSize               2048 + MAX_TRAILER_SIZE
#define kKerberosIPCTimeout                  200

#if __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef kipc_boolean_t (*kipc_demux_proc) (mach_msg_header_t *, mach_msg_header_t *);
kipc_err_t kipc_server_run_server (kipc_demux_proc in_demux_proc);
mach_port_t kipc_server_get_service_port (void);
mach_port_t kipc_server_get_listen_portset (void);
kipc_boolean_t kipc_server_quit (void);
#if __cplusplus

#endif /* KIPC_SERVER_H */