libos-i.tex   [plain text]

The operating-system specific functions provide an interface between the
other parts of the \libname{libkrb5.a} libraries and the operating system.

Beware! Any of the functions below are allowed to be implemented as
macros.  Prototypes for functions can be found in {\tt
<krb5/libos-proto.h>}; other definitions (including macros, if used) are
in {\tt <krb5/libos.h>}.

The following global symbols are provided in \libname{libos.a}.  If you
wish to substitute for any of them, you must substitute for all of them
(they are all declared and initialized in the same object file):
% These come from src/lib/osconfig.c
\item[extern char *\globalname{krb5_config_file}:] name of configuration file
\item[extern char *\globalname{krb5_trans_file}:] name of hostname/realm
name translation file
\item[extern char *\globalname{krb5_defkeyname}:] default name of key
table file
\item[extern char *\globalname{krb5_lname_file}:] name of aname/lname
translation database
\item[extern int \globalname{krb5_max_dgram_size}:] maximum allowable
datagram size
\item[extern int \globalname{krb5_max_skdc_timeout}:] maximum
per-message KDC reply timeout
\item[extern int \globalname{krb5_skdc_timeout_shift}:] shift factor
(bits) to exponentially back-off the KDC timeouts
\item[extern int \globalname{krb5_skdc_timeout_1}:] initial KDC timeout
\item[extern char *\globalname{krb5_kdc_udp_portname}:] name of KDC UDP port
\item[extern char *\globalname{krb5_default_pwd_prompt1}:] first prompt
for password reading.
\item[extern char *\globalname{krb5_default_pwd_prompt2}:] second prompt