transaction-service.xml   [plain text]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- $Id: transaction-service.xml,v 1.4 2004/01/30 19:47:44 szemanki Exp $ -->


  <!-- ==================================================================== -->
  <!-- Transactions                                                         -->
  <!-- ==================================================================== -->

     | The CachedConnectionManager is used partly to relay started UserTransactions to 
     | open connections so they may be enrolled in the new tx.
  <mbean code="org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.CachedConnectionManager" 
    <depends optional-attribute-name="TransactionManagerServiceName">jboss:service=TransactionManager</depends>

    <!--SpecCompliant false means JBoss will close connections left open when you 
        return from a method call and generate a loud warning.  SpecCompliant true
        means JBoss will disconnect connection handles left open on return from a
        method call and reconnect them with an appropriate (security, tx) 
        connection on the next call to the same object.-->
    <attribute name="SpecCompliant">true</attribute>

    <!-- Enable connection close debug monitoring -->
    <attribute name="Debug">true</attribute>