RELEASE-PLAN-4.1.txt   [plain text]

$Id: RELEASE-PLAN-4.1.txt,v 1.9 2002/05/15 04:42:31 remm Exp $

                      Release Plan for Apache Tomcat 4.1


This document is a release plan for the *final* release of Apache Tomcat 4.1.

The goal of the Apache Tomcat 4.1 final release is to provide a stable
container that supports 100% of the mandatory requirements of the Servlet 2.3
and JSP 1.2 specifications, as well as to improve and add many useful 
additional features on top of the existing Apache Tomcat 4.0 releases.

Apache Tomcat 4.1 includes the following major new features over 
Apache Tomcat 4.0:

* JMX based administration features
* JSP and Struts based administration web application
* New Coyote HTTP/1.1 connector
* New Coyote JK2 AJP 1.3 connector
* Rewritten Jasper JSP page compiler
* Performance and memory efficiency improvements
* Enhanced manager application support for integration with development tools
* Custom Ant tasks to interact with the manager application directly 
  from build.xml scripts
* Many other miscanellous improvements

Apache Tomcat 4.1 will use the build numbering and release process first used 
in the Apache HTTPd 2.0.x project.
Milestone builds, numbered 4.1.x, will be released as needed and will 
recieve a stability rating after a one week testing period. The rating can be
either: Alpha, Beta, or Stable.

This Release Plan proposes the following schedule:

  Friday, April 26, 2002          Apache Tomcat 4.1.0

In order to complete final release, all outstanding Bugzilla bug reports
against Tomcat 4.1 above NORMAL severity need to be fixed or deferred for 
later releases.

This Release Plan proposes the following classification of current outstanding
bug reports in the bug tracking system, sorted by component and their ID
numbers in our bug tracking system at:

Please review the bug reports, and their classification as "must have",
"nice to have", or "address later".  Lobbying for changes in classification
can take place on the TOMCAT-DEV mailing list.  In addition, if you have a
bug report or enhancement that you wish to have considered prior to final
release, please submit a bug report as quickly as possible.

Bugs That Must Be Addressed Before Final Release:


5735 HTTP connector running out of processors under heavy load
5829 StandardManager needs to cope with sessions throwing exception in 
5895 Not all sessions receives HttpSessionListener.sessionDestroyed(event) 
     using FileStore
7656 Webapplications deployed using PUT don't survive a tomcat restart
8087 HttpSessionAttributeListener.attributeRemoved() not working with 


4964 popBody() is called before doEndTag() is called in a BodyTag
5793 variable element in tld with TagExtraInfo class
7059 Jasper compiler holds pointers to jars in WEB-INF/lib: cannot delete
7989 <jsp:setProperty> and <jsp:getProperty> ignore information from 

Nice To Have Fixes Before Final Release:


4350 SSLAuthenticator did not associate SSO session
5199 <jsp:param> in <jsp:include> section not correct
5352 JDBCRealm does not work with CLIENT-CERT auth-method
5551 MANAGER: add system information query
5603 ServletContext.getResourcePaths() returns extra slashes
5704 CgiServlet corrupting images?
5758 Server-side includes do not work properly
5762 CGI servlet misses to include port number in HTTP_HOST environment 
5764 Key Information Missing--Automatic Application Deployment
5858 Add tomcat dir to java.library.path
5899 HTTP POST parameters ignored in
6185 JNDIRealm working with IPlanet 5.1
6206 Sixteen Lifecycle implementers disagree with Lifecycle API docs
6229 Need way to specify where to write catalina.out
6281 JDBCRealm+Form Login+URL re-writing session=broken
6299 SSI problem with multiple include statements in one file
6431 JNDIRealm.getRoles() should return more than a single role attribute
6797 Class loader fails if it can't read entire tree upto a classfile
6884 Need Better Error Handling in WebappClassLoader.validateJarFile
7043 database user and password for JDBC Based Store 
7080 Interbase JDBCRealm - Bug # 5564 - Have a safe fix
7082 Calling an RMI Server from a servlet produces stack trace
7116 JDBC realm doesn't handle NULLpasswords
7139 Typo in manager.xml documentation
7359 Classloader problems with RMI
7360 res-sharing-scope not supported
7445 Can not set verbosity property of the FileLogger via server.xml 
     configuration file
7984 class org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger should be public
8323 No support for running the 64 bit JVM


6858 Easy & Significant Performance Improvement
7160 Jasper compiles files to same classname
7993 parameters in <jsp:plugin> for jsp Document do not work
8005 Bad Param passing with jsp:include

Unconfirmed Bugs (Awaiting Reproducible Failure Case):