RELEASE-NOTES-4.1.txt   [plain text]

                      Apache Tomcat Version 4.1
                            Release Notes

$Id: RELEASE-NOTES-4.1.txt,v 1.81 2003/10/27 13:40:27 remm Exp $


This document describes the changes that have been made in the current
development version of Apache Tomcat, relative to the Tomcat 4.0 release.
The release notes for all prior releases of Tomcat 4.0 are also included, for
your reference.

Bug reports should be entered at the bug reporting system for
Jakarta projects at:

Please report bugs and feature requests under product name "Tomcat 4".


General New Features:

[4.1.1] Administration Webapp:
        Complete development of the initial version of the administration web

[4.1.5] Administration Webapp:
        Add support for manipulating JNDI resources of web applications.

[4.1.6] Administration Webapp:
        Add support for JavaMail resources.

[4.1.6] Tyrex resources:
        Upgrade to Tyrex 1.0.

[4.1.10] Commons components:
         Upgrade to stable releases.

[4.1.11] Administration Webapp:
         Add support for DefaultContext.

[4.1.11] Documentation:
         New JK and JK 2 documentation.

[4.1.15] i18n:
         Complete French language translation.

[4.1.19] Documentation:
         Added printer friendly versions of the documents.

[4.1.19] Administration Webapp:
         Complete the accessibility requirements to pass section 508.

[4.1.28] Connectors:
         The Coyote connector (HTTP/1.1 and AJP/1.3) has been upgraded to
         Coyote 1.1, which is the one used by Tomcat 5.0.x. Please refer to the
         Tomcat 5.0 changelog for the list of changes.

[4.1.29] DBCP:
         Upgrade to DBCP 1.1.

Catalina New Features:

[4.1.3]  Catalina:
         Implement custom logger which can be used to capture System.out and
         System.err to a buffer for later use.

[4.1.3]  SSIServlet:
         Complete rewrite of the SSI functionality (WARNING: servlet class name
         has changed).

[4.1.3]  CoyoteConnector:
         Add PureTLS support.

[4.1.4]  Embedded:
         Add support for Coyote HTTP/1.1 and Coyote JK 2.

[4.1.4]  DefaultContext:
         Refactoring of DefaultContext to support dynamic configuration (naming
         resources and other misc properties).

[4.1.4]  MBeanUtils:
         Allow specifying custom MBean descriptor files.

[4.1.5]  ServerLifecycleListener:
         Generate MBeans for the JNDI resources of the contexts.

[4.1.8]  BootstrapService:
         Allow passing parameters to the BootstrapService.

[4.1.15] JNDIRealm:
         Add support for SSL with the JNDIRealm.

[4.1.16] AuthenticatorBase:
         Add a configuration option to disable setting the headers which 
         prevent proxies from caching protected pages.  Using this option may
         open security holes in your application, so it should only be used
         if you are certain about what you are doing.

[4.1.16] JNDIRealm:
         Allow configuring how JNDI should handle referrals returned 
         by the server.

[4.1.16] AccessLogValve:
         Allow disabling log file rotation, and add new patterns.

[4.1.17] DataSourceRealm:
         A new Realm implementation which can use a JNDI named JDBC
         DataSource has been added.

[4.1.19] JNDIRealm:
         Added support for using an alternateURL if a socket connection
         can not be made to the provider at the connectionURL.

[4.1.19] CoyoteConnector:
         Add HTTP/1.1 GZIP compression support.

[4.1.20] StandardWrapper, ManagerBase:
         Added JavaBean fields to expose statistics through JMX.

[4.1.20] GlobalResourcesLifecycleListener:
         Allow the listener to be associated with a Service.

[4.1.25] ExtendedAccessLogValve:
         An implementation of the W3c Extended Log File Format. See for more information
         about the format. 

[4.1.29] DefaultContext:
         Added support for nesting a Context Listener and a Webapp Loader 
         within a DefaultContext.

Jasper New Features:

[4.1.1] JspServlet, Options:
        Add new "reloading" flag allowing to disable the JSP reloading checks,
        to allow better performance on production servers.

[4.1.1] JspServlet:
        Refactor the JSP modification checking as a background thread.

[4.1.3] Compiler:
        Ant 1.5 based compiler.

[4.1.4] Compiler:
        Extensive code cleanup.

[4.1.4] JspC:
        Extensive refactoring of JspC.

[4.1.4] Options:
        Add new "compiler" option, which contains the Ant name of the Java 
        compiler to be used. Please refer to the list in the Ant documentation
        for more details.

[4.1.4] Generator:
        Fix the limitation on the number of tags which can be used within a
        single page, which was cause by the 64K bytecode limit for a sigle 
        method. Now Jasper generates separate methods for tag bodies when lots
        of tags are used.

[4.1.4] Generator:
        Add tag instance reuse for performance improvement.

[4.1.4] Generator:
        Add tag BodyContent reuse.

[4.1.6] TldLocationsCache:
        Add TLD caching.

[4.1.6] Options:
        Add new "enablePooling" flag, which allows disabling tag reuse.

[4.1.8] JspCompilationContext:
        Use _ instead of $ to generate file and class names for jsp servlets.

[4.1.19] Compiler:
         Added new "fork" option. This tells Ant to fork the JSP page javac
         compile so that it is run in a different JVM from the one Tomcat
         is running in. Please refer to the Jasper-HOWTO for more information.


Generic Bug Fixes:

[4.1.2] Administration Webapp:
        Fix problems with limiting the length of the driverClassName field, as
        well as set default values, and add missing JNDI name field.

[4.1.2] Administration Webapp:
        Fix many problems defining a SSL connector through the administration

[4.1.2] Administration Webapp:
        Many cosmetic fixes.

[4.1.3] Administration Webapp:
        Fix creation of new connectors through the admin webapp.

[4.1.6] Administration webapp:
        Context resources administration fixes and improvements.

[4.1.6] Compression filter:
        Fix compliance problems.

[4.1.6] Administration Webapp:
        Tweak validation code for the context parameters.

[4.1.8] Build:
        Tomcat is now built with JDK 1.4.

[4.1.9] Administration Webapp:
        Specify charset in JSP pages.

[4.1.11] Administration Webapp:
         Fix adding a context with the administration webapp.

[4.1.12] Administration Webapp:
         Complete support for DefaultContext.

[4.1.15] Administration Webapp:
         Fix edition and creation of resource links.

[4.1.17] Default configuration:
         Connector performance tweaks.

[4.1.19] Manager and HTML Manager web applications
         Fix bugs 5551, 7826, 8969, 13983, 5629, and 13205
         Updated documentation and added some minor new features.
         See the Manager App HOW-TO and HTML Manager App HOW-TO
         documentation for more information.

[4.1.19] Administration Webapp:
         Add a check for empty validation query before setting it.

[4.1.20] Startup scripts:
         Fix classloading failures on JDK 1.4 related to commons-logging, 
         which were caused by JARs being set as endorsed and added to the
         system classloader.

[4.1.20] Xerces:
         Upgrade to Xerces 2.3.0.

[4.1.20] Administration Webapp:
         Additional accessibility improvements.

[4.1.20] Administration Webapp:
         Fix to prevent localhost from being deleted.

[4.1.20] Administration Webapp:
         Fix the beahavior of valve creation, where atributes weren't saved.

[4.1.21] Administration Webapp:
         Add filtering to prevent the administrator from removing himself 

[4.1.21] Administration Webapp:
         Remove groups and roles tables on user and group page.

[4.1.23] #17744
         Administration Webapp:
         Remove "/admin" part of URLs to make them relative.

[4.1.23] #15982
         Administration Webapp:
         Don't set JDBCRealm digest when it's an empty string.

[4.1.23] Startup scripts:
         Fix bugs in the Unix startup scripts.

[4.1.27] Administration Webapp:
         Fix typo in the default context action declaraion.

[4.1.28] Modeler:
         Update to commons-modeler 1.1.

[4.1.28] Xerces:
         Update to Xerces 2.5.0.

[4.1.28] Regexp:
         Update to regexp 1.3.

[4.1.28] Scripts:
         Use as an extra system property for
         Windows scripts, so that the canonical paths returned are case exact.

[4.1.28] Docs:
         Minor docs updates.

Catalina Bug Fixes:

[4.1.1] #8611
        Summary: Sealed .jar files in WEB-INF/lib always fail to load 
                 second class
        The classloader will now generate codebases URL for classes loaded from
        JAR file which point to the JAR, intead of using a nested jar: URL.
        This change will affect security manager policy files.

[4.1.2] ErrorReportValve:
        Made it so the valve will only generate status reports for status codes
        over 300.

[4.1.2] DbcpDataSourceFactory:
        maxIdle attribute couldn't be set.

[4.1.2] Facades:
        Fixed a problem where the facades would still keep a pointer to the 
        facaded objects after the end of the processing of the request.

[4.1.3] #7578
        Summary: Signed jars loses their certificates when in /WEB-INF/lib
        Fix the timing of the call to JarEntry.getCertificates(), so that the
        certificates are set correctly.

[4.1.3] WebappClassLoader:
        Modify the filters to have a matched class be delegated first, instead
        of refusing to load it altogether. Also add filters for javax.*, Xerces
        and Xalan.

[4.1.3] Endpoint:
        Add support for a two phase connector initialization in Coyote, so that
        Tomcat can be used as nobody on Unix.

[4.1.3] Http11Protocol:

[4.1.3] StandardServerMBean:
        Encode special characters when writing configuration file.

[4.1.3] ContextConfig:
        Fix NPE when the Embedded class is used.

[4.1.3] DBCP:
        Use the JNDI factory provided by the commons-dbcp project.

[4.1.3] StandardHost:
        Modify mapping error uri to provide the source uri.

[4.1.3] NamingContextListener:
        Fix a bug where the listener was registered on all lifecycle events.

[4.1.3] #7656
        Summary: Webapplications deployed using PUT don't survive 
        a tomcat restart
        Move the save to XML functionality out of the JMX code, and make the
        ManagerServlet use it after a deploy, so that the deployed application
        is persistent.

[4.1.3] #9353
        Transfer-Encoding: chunked (on Request fails)
        In rare cases, the data read could be corrupted.

[4.1.3] ManagerServlet:
        Handle resources nested in subcontexts.

[4.1.3] NamingResources:
        Prevent naming resources overriding.

[4.1.4] HostConfig:
        Do web.xml tracking on all contexts.

[4.1.4] NamingResources:
        Fix entries removal.

[4.1.4] ContextBindings:
        JNDI environment is now available to webapp created classloaders, as
        long as the webapp classloader is in its parent hierarchy.

[4.1.4] ManagerServlet:
        Save configuration when undeploying.

[4.1.4] #9629
        Fix ServletContext.getResourcePaths to match spec
        getResourcePaths now returns null for non existing paths.

[4.1.4] #9676
        org.apache.coyote.tomcat4.CoyoteServerSocketFactory doesn't recognize 
        keystoreType attribute
        Add missing setKeytype method.

[4.1.4] #5446
        Can't change webapp class loader
        Use introspection to instantiate the class loader.

[4.1.5] #9715
        'Out of Memory' error with static html pages
        Use a LRU based cache instead of a simple hashtable.

[4.1.4] #9722
        The check to unwrap must also handle facades.

[4.1.5] #9700
        JNDIRealm authentication incorrectly succeeds with blank password
        The security exploit has been fixed.

[4.1.5] HTMLManagerServlet:
        Many improvements and small feature additions.

[4.1.5] #8935
        Deadlock with reload in manager
        The deallocation of a wrapper will not timeout after 500 ms.

[4.1.5] #8013
        DefaultServlet Throws NumberFormatException
        Use getDateHeader instead of instance local date parsers to solve
        thread safety issues.

[4.1.6] WebappClassLoader:
        Fix a rare thread safety issue.

[4.1.6] #9944
        JAASRealm not configurable
        Fix configuration of the appName and userClassNames attributes.

[4.1.6] StandardSession:
        Fix session recycling.

[4.1.6] #9318
        Summary: HttpSession getMaxInactiveInterval() throws 
        Don't throw ISE.

[4.1.6] ContextConfig:
        Don't remove JNDI resources when stopping a web application.

[4.1.6] StandardWrapper:
        Capture System.out and System.err during load-on-startup.

[4.1.6] ApplicationContext:
        Fix major memory leak in the request dispatcher. Also improves 

[4.1.6] ApplicationHttpResponse:
        Disallow using setLocale from an included servlet.

[4.1.6] StandardContext:
        Reset application context when stopping.

[4.1.8] BootstrapService:
        Prevent NPE when DaemonContext is not well initialised.

[4.1.8] StandardServer:
        Make sure the global resources are correctly initialized even if there
        is no GlobalNamingResources element in server.xml.

[4.1.8] MBean-descriptors:
        Add PersistentManager MBean info to mbeans-descripor.xml so it doesn't
        complain in case if you have PersistentManager.

[4.1.8] #10967
        Summary: Java Deadlock in WebappClassLoader
        Make ResourceEntry a separate class.

[4.1.8] StandardSession:
        Set manager to null before recycling.

[4.1.9] StandardClassLoader:
        Avoid potential security exception by not calling getParent.

[4.1.9] #11307
        Summary: Deadlock in ClassLoader
        Fix deadlock condition by modifying the synced block.

[4.1.9] StandardHostDeployer:
        Fire event when undeploying.

[4.1.10] AuthenticatorBase:
         Remove double URI decoding.

[4.1.10] StandardHost:
         Refactor log capture.

[4.1.10] StandardServer:
         Output server.xml in UTF8.

[4.1.10] WebappClassLoader:
         Fix problem where external repositories would always be ignored.

[4.1.10] WebappClassLoader:
         Generate properly encoded URLs.

[4.1.10] #12041
         Summary: CGIServlet can block on input
         Fix possible deadlock when reading CGI script output.

[4.1.10] ErrorDispatcherValve:
         Unwrap root cause error.

[4.1.10] Documentation:
         Fixes and small additons to the DBCP documentation.

[4.1.10] StandardContext:
         Add new "swallowOutput" flag, to allow configuring logger redirection.

[4.1.11] catalina.policy:
         Modify the file to reflect the new URLs to be used for codebase

[4.1.11] StandardContext:
         Change the timing of the directory context allocation (now done 
         during start which is more consistent with the lifecycle of other

[4.1.11] #12041
         Better fix for bugzilla 12041 running an extra thread to deal 
         with STDERR.

[4.1.11] CGIServlet:
         Fix for CGI scripts run from a POST operation never get any 
         posted data.

[4.1.11] DefaultServlet:
         Assume text file when MIME type is unknown for including purposes.

[4.1.11] ManagerServlet:
         Allow manager to do operations on the root webapp.

[4.1.11] BootstrapService:
         Allow parameters to BootstrapService for jni/mod_jk2.

[4.1.11] FileDirContext:
         Add an option to allow symlinking (allowLinking).

[4.1.11] FileDirContext:
         Make the case sensitivity check based on the value of the 
         "caseSensitive" flag rather than on the path separator. Most Unix OSes
         can set that to false.

[4.1.12] SSLAuthenticator:
         Add back client authentication support.

[4.1.12] SECURITY:
         Disable InvokerServlet in the default webapp configuration, 
         and restrict the servlets it can invoke.

[4.1.12] #12286
         Fix NPE on shutdown.

[4.1.13] StandardContext:
         Major refactoring of the resources lifecycle handling, which is now 
         similar to the one of the other components.

[4.1.13] #12985
         Fix load on startup bug for JSPs.

[4.1.13] StandardWrapper:
         Add log swallowing support.

[4.1.13] InvokerServlet:
         SECURITY: Check the classname of the invoked servlet.

[4.1.13] #13513
         Add disabling persistence with a blank String.

[4.1.13] Catalina:
         SECURITY: Add security manager protection on Coyote components.

[4.1.13] ErrorReportValve:
         Performance optimization: don't generate a status report for status 
         codes < 400.

[4.1.13] ProxyDirContext:
         Cache non existing resources list to provide a major speedup for 
         welcome files processing.

[4.1.13] ProxyDirContext:
         Avoid object creation when reproting a not found resource.

[4.1.13] ProxyDirContext:
         Peformance fix: allow directory caching.

[4.1.14] Catalina:
         Fix security manager package protection configuration.

[4.1.14] ContextConfig:
         Fix TLD processing.

[4.1.15] #13583
         Add path normalization.

[4.1.15] FileDirContext:
         allowLinking will also disable case sensitivity checks (which are
         relatively similar).

[4.1.15] #13364
         Properly refresh naming entries defined in the DefaultContext after a

[4.1.16] server.xml
         Disable timeout for JK2 connector.

[4.1.16] MBeanUtils:
         Relax restrictions on valve MBeans creation.

[4.1.16] #14781
         Remove dependency on JDK 1.4.

[4.1.16] FileStore:
         Check for the existence of the session store file.

[4.1.16] SSI:
         Conditional SSI enhancement, better emulation of Apache SSI,
         fix expression parser's handling of literals.

[4.1.17] #15086
         Use the swallowOutput flag when unloading.

[4.1.17] #15077
         Mark servlets as unavailable when the wrapper is stopped.

[4.1.17] CGIServlet, SSIServlet:
         Fix for SSI "normal" configuration which invokes a CGI script.

[4.1.17] #15239
         Fix resource link creation.

[4.1.18] CoyoteWriter, CoyoteResponse:
         SECURITY: Fix writer reuse after an IOException occurred.

[4.1.19] #15544
         Fixed the Realm-HOWTO docs for the DataSourceRealm.

[4.1.19] #10383
         Fix hanging Ajp13Processor and web server request when invalid 
         Cookie sent. An HTTP status code 400 - Bad Request is now returned.

[4.1.19] ApplicationFilterConfig:
         Wrap filter initialization with swallow output.

[4.1.19] #15819
         Don't write out listeners for StandardDefaultContext.

[4.1.19] #15762
         Filter special characters in DataSource URL.

[4.1.19] #15890
         Invalid date headers should be ignored.

[4.1.19] ManagerBase:
         Add code to guarantee uniqueness of a session ID (even though the
         probability that this event occurs is negligible, some people feel
         more comfortable with that code enabled).

[4.1.19] RequestFilterValve:
         Catch null pointer property to match on, deny by default if found.

[4.1.19] #15378
         Fix cache invalidation problem when creating subcontexts or modifying

[4.1.20] #16316
         Removed code which validates the realm can connect to the db from
         the realm start in case the JNDI named DataSource has not been
         initialized yet.

[4.1.20] #16106
         Fix a problem where some valves would be incorrectly written 
         to server.xml.

[4.1.20] StandardSession:
         Don't recycle sessions, as the performance gain is minimal.

[4.1.20] CookieTools:
         Add spaces after ; in cookies. This avoids problems with IE on Mac.

[4.1.20] Manager:
         Add missing security mapping for deploy (this bug was introduced 
         in 4.1.19).

[4.1.20] ManagerBase, StandardSession:
         Correct problems related to the persistence of sessions.

[4.1.20] ApplicationContext:
         Add a workaround to allow retrieving contexts from the root context.

[4.1.21] ErrorDispatcherValve
         Aborted requests by remote clients are now detected so that a one
         line entry is logged instead of a complete stack trace and the
         request is terminated instead of trying to invoke an error page.

[4.1.21] MbeanUtils:
         Add JSR 77 servlet registration.

[4.1.22] JDBCStore:
         Optimize keys() method SQL WHERE clause.
         Implement a new db field so that the session can be localized to
         the Engine, Host, and Context (Web Application).

[4.1.22] #17591
         Synchronize methods which use db so that use of db connection is
         thread safe.

[4.1.22] #17587 
         Session Manager StoreBase
         Fix a NPE bug when the background thread expires sessions.

[4.1.22] #17775
         Grant web applications a FilePermission to read the web application
         context directory in addition to its contents.

[4.1.23] #17900
         Fix bug where first session in result set was skipped.

[4.1.25] #9851
         Improve Digest Authentication compatibility

[4.1.25] #20380
         AccessLogValve incorrectly calculates timezone.

[4.1.25] #16374
         AccessLogValve Date in file name configurable.

[4.1.25] #16400
         AccessLogValve Allow logging to be conditional.

[4.1.25] AccessLogValve Add %D, %T for time to serve request.

[4.1.25] StandardContext:
         Fix listener shutdown order for JNDI access.

[4.1.25] StandardContext:
         Return facaded context.

[4.1.25] StandardWrapper:
         Fix SingleThreadModel NPE after a reload.

[4.1.25] WebappClassLoader:
         Display more debugging when a CL stopped error occurs.

[4.1.25] StandardSession:
         Clone enumerated list to allow mutating.

[4.1.27] AuthenticatorBase:
         Don't set the no-caching headers on protected POSTed pages, so that
         the browser's "back" button works as expected.

[4.1.27] AccessLogValve:
         Add leading + to timezone offset.

[4.1.27] ExtendedAccessLogValve:
         If bytes are requested, then print bytes not the date.

[4.1.28] StandardContext:
         Fix reloading regression.

[4.1.28] StandardHostValve:
         Reset context classloader after invoking the servlet.

[4.1.28] StandardWrapperValve:
         Fix infinite recursion when logging in certain cases.

[4.1.28] JNDIRealm:
         Many bugfixes (18698, 11678, 19864, 20518, 14817, 22236), and allow 
         multiple user patterns.

[4.1.28] CGI Servlet:
         Bugfixes (22857, 22858).

[4.1.28] WebDAV Servlet:
         Fix bad handling of the destinationPath URL.

[4.1.28] SecurityClassLoad:
         Preload a few additional classes from Coyote.

[4.1.28] MemoryUser:
         XML-escape the values when writing out the tomcat-users.xml file.

[4.1.29] StandardDefaultContext:
         Fix support for defining ResourceLink.

Coyote Bug Fixes:

[4.1.13] #12998
         Fix compatibility problem with AJP.

[4.1.13] #13162
         Decode the URI as a URI, not as a query-string.

[4.1.13] #13658
         Arrange to have the SSL attributes in the CoyoteRequest so that they 
         show up for getAttributeNames.

[4.1.13] CoyoteConnector:
         Allow disabling proxyName with an empty string.

[4.1.13] CoyoteInputStream:
         Implement available().

[4.1.13] CoyoteResponse:
         Fix sendRedirect URL generation.

[4.1.13] HTTP/1.1 Constants:
         Increase max HTTP header buffer size to 48K.

[4.1.13] HTTP/1.1 Http11Processor:
         Performance: Save on B2C for host name handling.

[4.1.13] HTTP/1.1 Http11Processor:
         Performance: Use bytes comparisons to check the "connection" header

[4.1.13] HTTP/1.1 InternalOutputBuffer:
         Performance: improve header generation.

[4.1.13] #13270
         JK2 ChannelSocket:
         TCP no delay was not implemented.

[4.1.13] JK2 HandlerRequest:
         Fix tomcatAuthentication support.

[4.1.13] #11657
         JK2 JkMain:
         Initialize https URLs if only JK connector is used.

[4.1.13] Fix broken JSSE/SSL-support and include support for Cert-Auth with
         JSSE 1.1.x.

[4.1.15] JK2 JkCoyoteHander:
         Fix problem where the same buffer was used for output and input.

[4.1.15] Tomcat 4 Adapter:
         Closing the output stream or writer in the Tomcat 4 adapter will now
         finish the response.

[4.1.15] HTTP/1.1 InternalOutputBuffer:
         Fix possible loop scenarios which could happen if an invalid 0 length
         read was made.

[4.1.15] Coyote Response:
         Improve special header handling to allow protocol handler to enforce
         the protocol.

[4.1.15] #14281
         Tomcat 4 Adapter OutputBuffer:
         Properly compute the total size of the content written.

[4.1.16] Tomcat 4 Adapter:
         Performance: Delayed evaluation of the remote host address.

[4.1.16] HTTP/1.1 Http11Processor:
         Performance: Allow disabling upload timeout.

[4.1.16] #14658
         Tomcat 4 Adapter CoyoteWriter:
         Performance: Full reimplementation of PrintWriter, fixing syncing as
         well as performance problems which occurred when a client abruplty

[4.1.16] HTTP/1.1 Http11Processor:
         Performance: Save on GC for commonly used Strings for protocol and
         method name.

[4.1.16] HTTP/1.1 InternalOutputBuffer:
         Fix for an ArrayOutOfBound exception which could occur when 
         IOException (usually caused by a client disconnect) was raised
         during a commit.

[4.1.16] JK2 ChannelSocket:
         Handle timeout exceptions.

[4.1.16] JK2 ChannelSocket:
         Allow disabling channel socket for JNI, as well as binding a specific

[4.1.16] JK2 HandlerRequest:
         Fix null getRemoteHost.

[4.1.16] JK2 HandlerRequest, JKCoyoteHandler:
         Lazy extraction of ssl certs to speed up jk/ajp13 when under SSL.

[4.1.17] ActionCode:
         Allow ActionCode to be used in a switch.

[4.1.17] Response:
         Fix Locale initilization to the default locale (en-us).

[4.1.17] #15201
         Tomcat 4 Adapter:
         Fix SSL attributes retrival with JK 2.

[4.1.17] Tomcat 4 Adapter CoyoteResponse:
         encodeURL does not encode session with empty URL (rfc2396).

[4.1.17] HTTP/1.1 Http11Processor:
         Fix incorrect setting of the socket timeout when the connection is
         first established.

[4.1.17] HTTP/1.1 Http11Processor:
         Performance: Optimize soTimeout management when the upload timeout is

[4.1.17] PoolTcpEndpoint:
         Reduce synchornization by not using connection object pooling. Also
         minimize the amount of time during which no thread is listening on 
         the server socket.

[4.1.17] ThreadPool:
         Reduce synchronization by using an array of threads instead of 
         a Vector.

[4.1.17] #15258
         JK 2 ChannelSocket:
         Bind all addresses by default.

[4.1.18] #15456
         JK 2 CoyoteHandler:
         Fix NPE occurring in SSL mode.

[4.1.19] ActionCode:
         Fix incorrect number which could cause bad matching.

[4.1.19] HTTP/1.1 Http11Processor:
         Fix case sensitivity matching of some special header values, which 
         could prevent HTTP/1.0 keep alive with some clients.

[4.1.19] PoolTcpEndpoint:
         Fix incorrect handling when an exception occurs during a SSL 

[4.1.19] PoolTcpEndpoint:
         More robust socket restart code for the case where an exception occurs
         during an accept.

[4.1.19] ThreadPool:
         Remove thread from active thread list when it ends.

[4.1.20] CoyoteConnector:
         Allow setting socket linger.

[4.1.21] Cookies:
         Fix to return values instead of the names.

[4.1.23] CoyoteAdapter:
         Reject decoded URIs which don't start with '/'.

[4.1.24] Cookies:
         Add handling for bad cookies.

[4.1.24] #16508
         Fix value of the committed flag after the response is finished.

[4.1.25] Shell scripts:
         Add support for OS/400.

[4.1.25] JkHandler:
         Fix decoding of SSL CLIENT-CERTs passed from Apache/IIS/iPlanet.

[4.1.25] mod_jk:
         Fix potential path-traversal problem in mappings.

[4.1.25] JSSE SSL:
         Re-factor to remove dependencies on Sun classes when using a 1.4.x 
         JVM. It should now be possible to set up a SSL Connector 
         with any vendors 1.4.x JVM, without having to install 
         Sun's JSSE 1.0.x.

[4.1.25] PureTLS SSL:
         Fix problems with getting the CLIENT-CERT.

[4.1.25] CoyoteConnector:
         Disable server socket timeout by default, to minimize the amount of 
         generated garbage, especially in SSL mode.

[4.1.25] #21219
         Drop the client connection (nicely, if possible, rudely if not) in the
         event of a serious protocol error.

[4.1.25] CoyoteRequestFacade:
         Fix double facading of the request object.

[4.1.25] HandlerRequest:
         Fix incorrect recycling of SSL certificates in JK 2.

[4.1.25] Http11Processor:
         Catch exceptions which could occur in prepareRequest.

[4.1.26] Http11Processor:
         Fix regression where connection is always dropped at the end of 

[4.1.27] CoyoteAdapter:
         Fix "//" URL normalization code.

[4.1.27] JSSESocketFactory:
         Fix dependency on Sun VMs, so that IBM VM users can use the integrated

[4.1.27] #21984
         Fix potential Dos condition when given a mal-formed URI.

Jasper Bug Fixes:

[4.1.1] #8290
        Summary: Problem in the code generated by jasper 2
        This workaround for a JDK bug (BugParade Id: 4414162) introduces 
        a massive performance improvement when using pages containing 
        lots of tags.

[4.1.2] Generator:
        Fixes various problems introduced by the patch which removes 
        the try/catch tag nesting.

[4.1.2] #8994
        Summary: JSPs don't recompile
        Fix JSP recompilation when the new "development" flag is set to "true".

[4.1.3] #5793
        Summary: Variable element in tld with TagExtraInfo class
        Fix spec compliance problem.

[4.1.3] PagaDataImpl:
        Fix bug where only one validator could be used on a page.

[4.1.3] #8565
        Summary: MyEntityResolver doesn't allow including user-defined entities

[4.1.3] Generator:
        Use an array instead of a collection to simulate the try/catch nesting.

[4.1.3] Generator:
        Fix spec compliance bug where a tag could define scripting variables in
        both the TLD and the TagExtraInfo class.

[4.1.5] Generator, PageContextImpl:
        Fix tag BodyContent reuse.

[4.1.5] Generator:
        Code cleanup, removing the need for a state object.

[4.1.5] Generator:
        Fix bug when specifying a redirect which already included part of a 
        quesry string.

[4.1.5] Compiler:
        Clean up Ant error message generation.

[4.1.5] #8926
        Summary: Duplicate variable definition in generated Java source, 
        related to custom tag scripting variable
        Fix variable declaration locations.

[4.1.6] Compiler:
        Further refactoring of the compiler.

[4.1.6] #10048
        Summary: JSP forward removes ALL response wrappers
        Only unwrap Jasper added response wrapper.

[4.1.6] #10035
        Summary: <jsp:params> in <jsp:plugin> rejected
        <jsp:params> elements are now allowed.

[4.1.6] #9996
        Summary: <@%include> breaks when the included page contains non-ascii 
        Fix charset handling.

[4.1.6] Generator:
        Many fixes to nested tags and scripting variables handling.

[4.1.6] Generator:
        Add synchronization of the scripting variables.

[4.1.8] #10896
        Summary: Parsing ContentType error
        Fix parsing.

[4.1.8] #10713
        Summary: Backslashes quoting quotes in attributes does not work
        Fix parsing.

[4.1.8] #10711
        Summary: Relative filenames with ../ do not work for JSP-includes
        Add back path normalization code.

[4.1.8] #10670
        Summary: Problem in JSP compilation
        Fix compilation problem.

[4.1.8] #10766
        Summary: <%@ page extends %> causes ClassCastException
        Fix regression caused by the included JSP modification tracking.

[4.1.9] #11463
        Summary: PageContextImpl.removeAttribute do not work correctly without
        session object
        Add check for the existence of the session.

[4.1.9] Validator:
        Fix bug in setting the default content-type.

[4.1.9] #10949
        Summary: Jasper2 compile error with struts logic tag & jsp:include
        Fix generated response type to HttpServletResponse.

[4.1.9] #10629
        Summary: include directive fails when referencing Parent Path within 
        a WAR
        Canonicalize URIs used for getResource and getResourceAsStream.

[4.1.10] #11891
         Summary: JspC does not work for webapps
         Fix -webapp option.

[4.1.10] Compiler, Generator:
         Added step to determine which scripting variables must be declared.

[4.1.10] #11942
         Summary: reassignment of variables to pagecontext attributes in body 

[4.1.10] #11552
         Summary: Iteration tags do not resynchronize scripting variables after

[4.1.10] #12128
         Summary: JSP Comment end symbol not recognized in some cases

[4.1.11] Compiler:
         Update to work with Jikes with all features.

[4.1.11] #12387
         Work around limitations of the Ant path tokenization by using files.

[4.1.11] Generator:
         For the conversion of the value used in includes and others 
         to a String, as was done in previous Tomcat releases.

[4.1.11] Generator:
         Added synchronization of NESTED and AT_BEGIN variables after call to
         doStartTag() of tag handlers implementing IterationTag, but not

[4.1.11] #12432
         Can't compile JSP with nested custom tags that have VariableInfo.

[4.1.11] JspServletWrapper:
         Fix Jasper when "development" option is set to "false".

[4.1.12] JspRuntimeContext:
         Add permission to allow reading the work directory.

[4.1.13] #13144
         Ending comment eats up line following.

[4.1.13] #13536
         Bad <jsp:param> value in plugin if the value is an expression.

[4.1.13] JspRuntimeContext:
         Make sure the CodeSource for JSP pages is created consistently 
         the same.

[4.1.13] #13206
         Invalid java bean property error message could be reported better.

[4.1.13] #13843
         Fix locking on Windows of big JSP files.

[4.1.14] Compiler:
         Add global synchronization on the javac invocation.

[4.1.15] Jspc:
         Rename "--compile" option to "-compile" (it was undocumented).

[4.1.15] #14195
         Fix NPE.

[4.1.15] #14197
         Allow jspDestroy to be overriden.

[4.1.15] PageContextImpl:
         Avoid flushing after processing the page.

[4.1.16] #14577
         Declarations should geneate a '\n' at end.

[4.1.16] #14699
         Scripting variables declared AT_END do not work when tag
         implements TryCatchFinally.

[4.1.17] Compiler:
         Make exception reports more detailed.

[4.1.19] #15531
         Background Thread Recompile:
         Fixed a thread synchronization bug which could cause the thread which
         does background JSP recompiles (development=false) to die.

[4.1.19] #14200
         TLDs under WEB-INF are not scanned for URI mappings.

[4.1.19] JspWriterImpl:
         Remove custom flushing, which caused client disconnects to log
         stack traces with Jasper.

[4.1.19] #15105
         pushBody()/popBody() error on tomcat 4.1.X.

[4.1.20] #15845
         Fixed JSP page compiles so that objects created for performing
         the JSP page compiles which are not reused are dereferenced so
         they are eligible for GC. This should reduce the memory footprint
         and improve GC performance.

[4.1.20] JspC:
         Port fixes to JspC from HEAD, including support for packaged JSPs, and
         fixes to webapp precompilation.

[4.1.20] Compiler:
         Dereference objects used during compilation, in order to allow 
         garbage collection.

[4.1.20] Compiler:
         Fixed a NPE caused by nulling errorDispatcher.

[4.1.20] #16181
         JspWriter not restored properly when exception thrown 
         in a tag's body content.

[4.1.20] #16200
         Fix isThreadSafe functionality.

[4.1.20] #16449
         Fix race condition in the reloading check by using an object local

[4.1.21] #16449
         Fix recompilation logic.

[4.1.21] Compiler:
         An ant Project uses the current directory as its base directory 
         by default. The base directory doesn't matter but ant always checks 
         it. This can cause problems when using the SecurityManager 
         with a strict policy. The Compiler now explicitely sets the ant 
         Project base dir to catalina.home.

[4.1.21] Generator:
         Added support for <jsp:fallback> to XML syntax.

[4.1.21] #17049
         Invalid code generated when nesting tags.

[4.1.22] TagLibraryInfoImpl:
         Fix precompilation when JARs contain TLDs.

[4.1.22] JspC:
         Add package name mangling for Java keywords.

[4.1.22] JspC:
         Add documentation.

[4.1.22] #17775
         Grant web applications JSP pages a FilePermission to read 
         the web application context directory in addition to its contents.

[4.1.23] Compiler:
         Avoid NPE when using JSPC using the built-in compiler.

[4.1.24] JspC:
         Set the thread context class loader to the specified classpath.

[4.1.25] #18314
         Multiple declarations of same taglib cause exception during 

[4.1.25] #18496
         Special characters not escaped in "Unterminated ... tag" 
         error message.


* Tomcat 4.1 and JNI Based Applications
* Tomcat 4.1 Standard APIs Available
* Tomcat 4.1 and XML Parsers
* Web application reloading and static fields in shared libraries
* Tomcat on Linux
* Enabling SSI and CGI Support
* Security manager URLs
* Symlinking static resources
* Enabling invoker servlet

Tomcat 4.1 and JNI Based Applications:

Applications that require native libraries must ensure that the libraries have
been loaded prior to use.  Typically, this is done with a call like:

  static {

in some class.  However, the application must also ensure that the library is
not loaded more than once.  If the above code were placed in a class inside
the web application (i.e. under /WEB-INF/classes or /WEB-INF/lib), and the
application were reloaded, the loadLibrary() call would be attempted a second

To avoid this problem, place classes that load native libraries outside of the
web application, and ensure that the loadLibrary() call is executed only once
during the lifetime of a particular JVM.

Tomcat 4.1 Standard APIs Available:

A standard installation of Tomcat 4 makes all of the following APIs available
for use by web applications (by placing them in "common/lib" or "shared/lib"):
* activation.jar (Java Activation Framework)
* ant.jar (Apache Ant 1.5.1)
* commons-collections.jar (Commons Collections 2.1)
* commons-dbcp.jar (Commons DBCP 1.0)
* commons-logging-api.jar (Commons Logging 1.0.2)
* commons-pool.jar (Commons Pool 1.0)
* jasper-compiler.jar (Jasper 2 Compiler)
* jasper-runtime.jar (Jasper 2 Runtime)
* jdbc2_0-stdext.jar (JDBC 2.0 Optional Package, javax.sql.*)
* jndi.jar (JNDI 1.2 base API classes)
* jta.jar (Java Transacation API 1.0.1a)
* mail.jar (JavaMail 1.2)
* naming-common.jar (JNDI Context implementation)
* naming-factory.jar (JNDI object factories)
* naming-resources.jar (JNDI DirContext implementations)
* servlet.jar (Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 APIs)

You can make additional APIs available to all of your web applications by
putting unpacked classes into a "classes" directory (not created by default),
or by placing them in JAR files in the "lib" directory.

Tomcat 4.1 also makes available Xerces 2.3.0 to web applications.

Tomcat 4.1 and XML Parsers:

As described above, Tomcat 4.1 makes an XML parser (and many other standard
APIs) available to web applications.  This parser is also used internally
to parse web.xml files and the server.xml configuration file.  If you wish,
you may replace the "xercesImpl.jar" file in "common/endorsed" with another 
XML parser, as long as it is compatible with the JAXP 1.1 APIs.

Web application reloading and static fields in shared libraries:

Some shared libraries (many are part of the JDK) keep references to objects
instantiated by the web application. To avoid class loading related problems
(ClassCastExceptions, messages indicating that the classloader 
is stopped, ...), the shared libraries state should be reinitialized.

Something which could help is to avoid putting classes which would be 
referenced by a shared static field in the web application classloader, 
and put them in the shared classloader instead (the JARs should be put in the 
"lib" folder, and classes should be put in the "classes" folder).

Tomcat on Linux:

Virtual machine crashes can be experienced when using certain combinations of
kernel / glibc under Linux with Sun Hotspot 1.2 to 1.3. The crashes were 
reported to occur mostly on startup. Sun JDK 1.4 does not exhibit the problems,
and neither does IBM JDK for Linux.

The problems can be fixed by reducing the default stack size. At bash shell, 
do "ulimit -s 2048"; use "limit stacksize 2048" for tcsh.

GLIBC 2.2 / Linux 2.4 users should also define an environment variable:
export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5

Additionally, Redhat 9.0 users should use the same setting, to avoid stability

Enabling SSI and CGI Support:

Having CGI and SSI available to web applications created security problems when
using a security manager (as a malicious web application could use them to 
sidestep the security manager access control). In Tomcat 4.1, they have been
disabled by default, as our goal is to provide a fully secure default 
configuration. However, CGI and SSI remain available.

On Windows:
* rename the file %CATALINA_HOME%\server\lib\servlets-cgi.renametojar to
* rename the file %CATALINA_HOME%\server\lib\servlets-ssi.renametojar to
* in %CATALINA_HOME%\conf\web.xml, uncomment the servlet declarations starting
  line 165 and 213, as well as the associated servlet mappings 
  line 265 and 274. Alternately, these servlet declarations and mappings can
  be added to your web application deployment descriptor.

On Unix:
* rename the file $CATALINA_HOME/server/lib/servlets-cgi.renametojar to
* rename the file $CATALINA_HOME/server/lib/servlets-ssi.renametojar to
* in $CATALINA_HOME/conf/web.xml, uncomment the servlet declarations starting
  line 165 and 213, as well as the associated servlet mappings 
  line 265 and 274. Alternately, these servlet declarations and mappings can
  be added to your web application deployment descriptor.

Security manager URLs:

The URLs to be used in the policy file to grant permissions to JARs located
inside the web application repositories have changed in Tomcat 4.1.

In Tomcat 4.0, codeBase URLs for JARs loaded from web application 
repositories were:

In Tomcat 4.1, they should be:

Symlinking static resources:

Unix symlinks will not work when used in a web application to link resources 
located outside the web application root directory.

This behavior is optional, and the "allowLinking" flag may be used to disable
the check.

Enabling invoker servlet:

Starting with Tomcat 4.1.12, the invoker servlet is no longer available by 
default in all webapp. Enabling it for all webapps is possible by editing
$CATALINA_HOME/conf/web.xml to uncomment the "/servlet/*" servlet-mapping

Using the invoker servlet in a production environment is not recommended and
is unsupported.

Using the JSP Compiler (JSPC):

Using the command line script is not recommended when using JSPC. Instead, 
using Ant is supported and encouraged. Please see the Jasper documentation
in the Tomcat documentation bundle for more instructions as well as 
a build script.