IOGraphicsLibInternal.h   [plain text]

 * Copyright (c) 2000 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * This file contains Original Code and/or Modifications of Original Code
 * as defined in and that are subject to the Apple Public Source License
 * Version 2.0 (the 'License'). You may not use this file except in
 * compliance with the License. Please obtain a copy of the License at
 * and read it before using this
 * file.
 * The Original Code and all software distributed under the License are
 * distributed on an 'AS IS' basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER
 * Please see the License for the specific language governing rights and
 * limitations under the License.

#if 0

#include <mach/mach_time.h>
#warning **LOGS**
#define RLOG 1
#define DEBG(cref, fmt, args...)  			\
if (cref->logfile) { 					\
    uint64_t time = mach_absolute_time();	\
    fprintf(cref->logfile, "%10lld %s: ", ((time - cref->time0) / 1000), __FUNCTION__);	\
    fprintf(cref->logfile, fmt, ## args);		\
    fflush(cref->logfile);				\


#define DEBG(cref, fmt, args...)  {}



enum { kDisplayModeValidateAgainstDisplay = 0x00002000 };


enum {
    kDisplayAppleVendorID	= 0x610

enum {
    // disable any use of scaled modes,
    kOvrFlagDisableScaling	= 0x00000001,
    // remove driver modes,
    kOvrFlagDisableNonScaled	= 0x00000002,
    // disable scaled modes made up by the system (just use the override list)
    kOvrFlagDisableGenerated	= 0x00000004

enum {
    // skips all the various checks and always installs
    kScaleInstallAlways		= 0x00000001,
    // disables the install of a stretched version if the aspect is different
    kScaleInstallNoStretch	= 0x00000002,
    // install resolution untransformed
    kScaleInstallNoResTransform	= 0x00000004

enum {
    kIOMirrorNoTrim		= 0x00000010

enum {
    kAppleNTSCManufacturerFlag		 = 0x40,
    kApplePALManufacturerFlag		 = 0x20,
    kAppleNTSCDefaultPALManufacturerFlag = 0x04

enum {
    kIOMirrorHint = 0x10000

enum {
    kIOFBEDIDStdEstMode		= 0x00000001,
    kIOFBEDIDDetailedMode	= 0x00000002,
    kIOFBStdMode		= 0x00000004,
    kIOFBDriverMode		= 0x00000008,
    kIOFBScaledMode		= 0x00000010,
    kIOFBGTFMode		= 0x00000020,
    kIOFBCVTEstMode		= 0x00000040

enum {
    kResSpecNeedInterlace	  = 0x00000001,
    kResSpecReducedBlank	  = 0x00000002,
    kResSpecInternalReducedBlank  = 0x00000004

struct IOFBResolutionSpec {
    UInt32		timingID;
    UInt32		width;
    UInt32		height;
    float		refreshRate;
    UInt32		flags;
typedef struct IOFBResolutionSpec IOFBResolutionSpec;

struct IOFBOvrDimensions {
    UInt32		width;
    UInt32		height;
    IOOptionBits	setFlags;
    IOOptionBits	clearFlags;
typedef struct IOFBOvrDimensions IOFBOvrDimensions;

struct EDIDDetailedTimingDesc {
    UInt16	clock;
    UInt8	horizActive;
    UInt8	horizBlanking;
    UInt8	horizHigh;
    UInt8	verticalActive;
    UInt8	verticalBlanking;
    UInt8	verticalHigh;
    UInt8	horizSyncOffset;
    UInt8	horizSyncWidth;
    UInt8	verticalSyncOffsetWidth;
    UInt8	syncHigh;
    UInt8	horizImageSize;
    UInt8	verticalImageSize;
    UInt8	imageSizeHigh;
    UInt8	horizBorder;
    UInt8	verticalBorder;
    UInt8	flags;
typedef struct EDIDDetailedTimingDesc EDIDDetailedTimingDesc;

struct EDIDGeneralDesc {
    UInt16	flag1;
    UInt8	flag2;
    UInt8	type;
    UInt8	flag3;
    UInt8	data[13];
typedef struct EDIDGeneralDesc EDIDGeneralDesc;

union EDIDDesc {
    EDIDDetailedTimingDesc	timing;
    EDIDGeneralDesc		general;
typedef union EDIDDesc EDIDDesc;

struct EDID {
    UInt8	header[8];
    UInt8	vendorProduct[4];
    UInt8	serialNumber[4];
    UInt8	weekOfManufacture;
    UInt8	yearOfManufacture;
    UInt8	version;
    UInt8	revision;
    UInt8	displayParams[5];
    UInt8	colorCharacteristics[10];
    UInt8	establishedTimings[3];
    UInt16	standardTimings[8];
    EDIDDesc	descriptors[4];
    UInt8	extension;
    UInt8	checksum;
typedef struct EDID EDID;

#define featureSupport	displayParams[4]

struct GTFTimingCurve
    UInt32 startHFrequency;
    UInt32 c;
    UInt32 m;
    UInt32 k;
    UInt32 j;
typedef struct GTFTimingCurve GTFTimingCurve;

enum {
    kExtTagCEA	= 0x02,
    kExtTagVTB	= 0x10,
    kExtTagDI	= 0x40

struct DIEXT {
    UInt8	header;
    UInt8	version;

    // digital only
    UInt8	standardSupported;
    UInt8	standardVersion[4];
    UInt8	dataFormatDesc;
    UInt8	dataFormats;
    UInt8	minPixelClockPerLink;
    UInt8	maxPixelClockPerLink[2];
    UInt8	crossoverFreq[2];

    // analogue/digital
    UInt8	subPixelLayout;
    UInt8	subPixelConfig;
    UInt8	subPixelShape;
    UInt8	horizontalPitch;
    UInt8	verticalPitch;
    UInt8	majorCapabilities;
    UInt8	miscCapabilities;
    UInt8	frameRateConversion;
    UInt8	convertedVerticalFreq[2];
    UInt8	convertedHorizontalFreq[2];
    UInt8	displayScanOrientation;

    UInt8	colorLuminanceDefault;
    UInt8	colorLuminancePreferred;
    UInt8	colorLuminanceCapabilities[2];

    UInt8	colorDepthFlags;
    UInt8	rgbBitsPerColor[3];
    UInt8	yuvBitsPerColor[3];

    UInt8	aspectRatioConversionModes;

    UInt8	packetizedDigitalVideo[16];
    UInt8	reserved[17];
    UInt8	audio[9];
    UInt8	gamma[46];

    UInt8	checksum;
typedef struct DIEXT DIEXT;

struct VTBEXT {
    UInt8	header;
    UInt8	version;
    UInt8	numDetailedTimings;
    UInt8	numCVTTimings;
    UInt8	numStandardTimings;
    UInt8	data[122];
    UInt8	checksum;
typedef struct VTBEXT VTBEXT;

struct VTBCVTTimingDesc {
    UInt8	verticalSize;
    UInt8	verticalSizeHigh;
    UInt8	refreshRates;
typedef struct VTBCVTTimingDesc VTBCVTTimingDesc;

// VTBCVTTimingDesc.verticalSizeHigh
enum {
    kVTBCVTAspectRatioMask	= 0x0c,
    kVTBCVTAspectRatio4By3	= 0x00,
    kVTBCVTAspectRatio16By9	= 0x04,
    kVTBCVTAspectRatio16By10	= 0x08,

// VTBCVTTimingDesc.refreshRates
enum {
    kVTBCVTPreferredRefreshMask	= 0x60,
    kVTBCVTPreferredRefresh50	= 0x00,
    kVTBCVTPreferredRefresh60	= 0x20,
    kVTBCVTPreferredRefresh75	= 0x40,
    kVTBCVTPreferredRefresh85	= 0x60,

    kVTBCVTRefresh50		= 0x10,
    kVTBCVTRefresh60		= 0x08,
    kVTBCVTRefresh75		= 0x04,
    kVTBCVTRefresh85		= 0x02,
    kVTBCVTRefresh60RBlank	= 0x01

struct CEA861EXT {
    UInt8	header;
    UInt8	version;
    UInt8	detailedTimingsOffset;
    UInt8	flags;
    UInt8	data[123];
    UInt8	checksum;
typedef struct CEA861EXT CEA861EXT;

// CEA861EXT.flags (v2)
enum {
    kDTVSupportsUnderscan	= 0x80,
    kDTVSupportsBasicAudio	= 0x40,
    kDTVSupportsYUV444		= 0x20,
    kDTVSupportsYUV422		= 0x10,
    kDTVNumNativeTimings	= 0x0f

struct IOFBConnect
    io_service_t		framebuffer;
    io_connect_t		connect;
    struct IOFBConnect *	next;
    struct IOFBConnect *	nextDependent;
    SInt64			dependentID;
    SInt32			dependentIndex;
    CFMutableDictionaryRef	iographicsProperties;
#if RLOG
    FILE *			logfile;
    uint64_t			time0;
    void *			__pad;
    uint64_t			__pad2;
    CFMutableDictionaryRef	kernelInfo;
    CFMutableDictionaryRef	modes;
    CFMutableArrayRef		modesArray;
    CFMutableDictionaryRef	overrides;
    UInt32			 driverModeCount;
    IOFBDisplayModeDescription * driverModeInfo;
    IONotificationPortRef	notifyPort;
    io_iterator_t		interestNotifier;
    IOOptionBits		state;
    IOOptionBits		previousState;
    IODisplayModeID 		arbModeIDSeed;
    IODisplayModeID		defaultMode;
    IOIndex			defaultDepth;
    IODisplayModeID		default4By3Mode;
    UInt32			defaultMinWidth;
    UInt32			defaultMinHeight;
    UInt32			ovrFlags;
    UInt32			mirrorDefaultFlags;
    IODisplayVendorID		displayVendor;
    IODisplayProductID		displayProduct;
    IOFBOvrDimensions		dimensions;
    int32_t                     defaultIndex;
    UInt32			defaultWidth;
    UInt32			defaultHeight;
    UInt32			defaultImageWidth;
    UInt32			defaultImageHeight;
    UInt64			dualLinkCrossover;
    UInt32			maxDisplayLinks;
    float			nativeAspect;
    IODisplayTimingRange *	 fbRange;	// only during IODisplayInstallTimings()
    IODisplayScalerInformation * scalerInfo;	// only during IOFBBuildModeList()
    GTFTimingCurve		gtfCurves[2];
    UInt32			numGTFCurves;
    UInt64			transform;
    uint32_t			supportedComponentDepths;
    uint32_t			supportedColorModes;
    Boolean                     defaultOnly;
    Boolean			gtfDisplay;
    Boolean			cvtDisplay;
    Boolean			supportsReducedBlank;
    Boolean			hasCEAExt;
    Boolean			hasDIEXT;
    Boolean			hasInterlaced;
    Boolean			hasHDMI;
    Boolean			hasShortVideoDescriptors;
    Boolean			suppressRefresh;
    Boolean			detailedRefresh;
    Boolean			useScalerUnderscan;
    Boolean			trimToDependent;
    Boolean			defaultToDependent;
    Boolean			make4By3;
    Boolean			defaultNot4By3;
    Boolean			relaunch;
    Boolean			firstBoot;
    Boolean			displayMirror;

    struct IOAccelConnectStruct * transformSurface;

    const IOFBMessageCallbacks * clientCallbacks;
    void *			 clientCallbackRef;
typedef struct IOFBConnect * IOFBConnectRef;

__private_extern__ IOFBConnectRef
IOFBConnectToRef( io_connect_t connect );

__private_extern__ void
IODisplayInstallTimings( IOFBConnectRef connectRef );

__private_extern__ kern_return_t
IOFBInstallMode( IOFBConnectRef connectRef, IODisplayModeID mode,
                 IOFBDisplayModeDescription * desc,
                 UInt32 driverFlags, IOOptionBits modeGenFlags );

__private_extern__ io_service_t
	io_service_t		framebuffer,
	IOOptionBits		options );

__private_extern__ CFDictionaryRef
    IOFBConnectRef		connectRef,
    io_service_t		framebuffer,
    IOOptionBits		options );

__private_extern__ IOReturn
IOCheckTimingWithDisplay( IOFBConnectRef connectRef,
			  IOFBDisplayModeDescription * desc,
			  IOOptionBits modeGenFlags );

__private_extern__ kern_return_t
IOFBDriverPreflight(IOFBConnectRef connectRef, IOFBDisplayModeDescription * desc);
__private_extern__ Boolean
ValidateTimingInformation( IOFBConnectRef connectRef, const IOTimingInformation * timingInfo );
__private_extern__ Boolean
IOFBTimingSanity(IOTimingInformation * timingInfo);
__private_extern__ Boolean
InvalidTiming( IOFBConnectRef connectRef, const IOTimingInformation * timingInfo );
__private_extern__ void
UpdateTimingInfoForTransform(IOFBConnectRef connectRef, 
				IOFBDisplayModeDescription * desc,
				IOOptionBits flags );

__private_extern__ IOReturn
readFile(const char *path, vm_address_t * objAddr, vm_size_t * objSize);

__private_extern__ float
ratioOver( float a, float b );

__private_extern__ CFMutableDictionaryRef
readPlist( const char * path, UInt32 key );

__private_extern__ Boolean
writePlist( const char * path, CFMutableDictionaryRef dict, UInt32 key );

__private_extern__ void
IOFBLogTiming(IOFBConnectRef connectRef, const IOTimingInformation * timing);
__private_extern__ void
IOFBLogRange(IOFBConnectRef connectRef, const IODisplayTimingRange * range);

__private_extern__ float
RefreshRateFromDetailedTiming( IODetailedTimingInformationV2 * detailed );