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;; gss-initiator - sandbox profile
;; Copyright (c) 2010 Apple Inc.  All Rights reserved.
;; WARNING: The sandbox rules in this file currently constitute 
;; Apple System Private Interface and are subject to change at any time and
;; without notice. The contents of this file are also auto-generated and not
;; user editable; it may be overwritten at any time.
;; This file is meant to be included in a sandbox that needs access to be an gss-initiator

(version 1)

(import "")
(import "")


(allow mach-lookup
       (global-name "org.h5l.kcm")
       (global-name "")
       (global-name "")
       (global-name "")
       (global-name ""))

(allow network-outbound
       (literal "/private/var/run/mDNSResponder")
       (remote udp)
       (remote tcp))

(allow process-exec
       (literal "/usr/local/heimdal/libexec/kdc"))

(allow file-read*
       (subpath "/System/Library/KerberosPlugins")
       (subpath "/Library/KerberosPlugins")
       (subpath "/Library/Frameworks")
       (literal "/etc/krb5.conf")
       (subpath "/Library/Preferences")
       (literal "/dev/random")
       (literal "/etc")
       (literal "/var")
       (literal "/private/etc/hosts")
       (literal "/private/etc/services")
       (literal "/private/etc/localtime")
       (subpath "/private/var/db/mds"))

(allow sysctl-read)