hdb_err.et   [plain text]

# Error messages for the hdb library
# This might look like a com_err file, but is not
id "$Id$"

error_table hdb

prefix HDB_ERR

index 1
#error_code INUSE,		"Entry already exists in database"
error_code UK_SERROR,		"Database store error"
error_code UK_RERROR,		"Database read error"
error_code NOENTRY,		"No such entry in the database"
error_code DB_INUSE,		"Database is locked or in use--try again later"
error_code DB_CHANGED,		"Database was modified during read"
error_code RECURSIVELOCK,	"Attempt to lock database twice"
error_code NOTLOCKED,		"Attempt to unlock database when not locked"
error_code BADLOCKMODE,		"Invalid kdb lock mode"
error_code CANT_LOCK_DB,	"Insufficient access to lock database"
error_code EXISTS,		"Entry already exists in database"
error_code BADVERSION,		"Wrong database version"
error_code NO_MKEY,		"No correct master key"
error_code MANDATORY_OPTION,	"Entry contains unknown mandatory extension"
error_code NO_WRITE_SUPPORT,	"HDB backend doesn't contain write support"
error_code NOT_FOUND_HERE,	"The secret for this entry is not replicated to this database"
error_code MISUSE,		"Incorrect use of the API"
error_code KVNO_NOT_FOUND,	"Entry key version number not found"