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<title>info-cyrus mailing list</title>
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<h1>info-cyrus mailing list</h1>

      We run a mailing list for users of Project Cyrus software.
      <tt></tt> mailing list exists for the
      discussion of this server and other Cyrus software.  Please do
      <b>NOT</b> send subscription requests to the list.

<p> <b>To subscribe</b>: Send mail to <a
" info-cyrus">

to subscribe with the body of 'subscribe info-cyrus' (or just click
the link above and that should just work).

<p>An archive is availible via anonymous IMAP at <a

<p>A web archive is also available at
<a href=""></a>
<p>If you are not subscribed to the list (or you are sending the
message from a different address than the one which you are subscribed
under), your message is directed to a human for
approval. Unfortunately, the human does not always promptly process
the message.

<p>There is also a developers list available at <tt></tt>.
with similar <a href=" cyrus-devel">subscription</a>
methods and <a href="">
archive location</a>

<p>Detailed contact information can be found at <a
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