ChangeLog   [plain text]

2001-06-06  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 10.0

2001-04-05  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 9.0

2001-01-02  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 8.0

	* lots of changes, see NEWS
	(sorry...didnt have time to update changelog)

2000-12-07  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.5.1


	* sjeng.h: smaller movedate (int->unsig char)

	* sjeng.c: (main): recognize 'variant giveaway'

	* seval.c: (suicide_mid_eval): smaller king centralisation bonus

	* search.c: (order_captures): fix MVV/LVA
	(qsearch): slightly smaller futility cutoff
	(search): more cautious check extension trigger
	(search): no nullmove in endgames
	(search): R=4 if depth > 12
	(search): passed pawn extensions
	* protos.h: add new functions

	* proof.c: (suicide_pn_eval): add early exit condition

	* moves.c: use global from variable
	(gen): remove 'from' in calls
	(gen): use push_king_castle
	(push_king_castle): added
	(push_king): remove castling condition
	(add_move): use global from

	* eval.c: tweaked some piece-square tables
	rewrote the (disabled) FULLEVAL code

2000-10-24  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.4.3

	* utils.c: (interrupt): return 0 on fallthrough

	* epd.c: (run_epd_testsuite): do not report pn-time if
	no pn-search was run
	(run_epd_testsuite): use FILENAME_MAX
	(check_solution): return FALSE on fallthrough
	* newbook.c: (*): use exit(EXIT_FAILURE)
	(build_book): use FILENAME_MAX

	* search.c: (think): short circuit if result var set
	(think): add time cushion on book move
	(think): do not exit without returning a var
	(search): enfore greater or equal to 0 depth before extending

	* proof.c: (proofnumbersearch): output game result

2000-10-22  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.4.2

	* blob2.c: fix neval/seval/eval.c

	* proof.c: (develop_node): handle suicide 'stalemates'

	* seval.c: lower queen value
	remove srev_rank to prevent blob2.c conflict

	* search.c: (order_moves): lower queen value
	(qsearch): do legality check anyway

	* utils.c: (comp_to_coord): king promotions in suicide

	* moves.c: (gen): fixes to promotions in suicide

2000-10-20  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.4.1

	* proof.c: (proofnumbersearch): only kibitz in xb_mode
	Use SAFETY margin for node buffer allocation

	* sjeng.c: (main): ask for time with 'prove'


	* moves.c: (push_pawn): add king promotions in suicide

	* Released 7.4

	* learn.c: avoid code duplication via pointers

	* blob2.c: added

	* proof.c: added

2000-10-19  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* utils.c: (verify_coord): use strncasecmp

	* ttable.c: use 2-level tables

	* moves.c: (gen): break on king-capture

	* search.c: (qsearch): do not check for legality but
	check for kingcapture instead

	(ALL) imported suicide support from experimental versions

2000-07-23  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* search.c: (search): do not apply limited razoring 
	if we are in check

2000-07-23  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* moves.c: (gen): optimized pawn-movegeneration
	(gen): split up movegen in drop and nondrop part
	(push_slide): optimized with macro
	(ALL) replaced instances of %2 with &1
	(ALL) removed moves[] parameters

2000-07-22  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.3

	* book.c: (choose_book_move): cleanups

	* extvars.h: opening_history made larger

	* epd.c (setup_epd_line): avoid use of 'rank'

	* moves.c (add_move): added
	(try_drop): use add_move
	(push_*): use add_move

	* search.c: (search): use original alpha when storing into TTable
	(qsearch): no new best score if move was illegal
	(search): no new best score if move was illegal
	(search_root): handle fail-high cases immediately
	(think): return immediately if we are going to be interrupted on
	first call

	* sjeng.h: no more bitfields for movedata (breaks GCC)

	* utils.c: (post_*_thinking): reverted to comp_to_coord
	(allocate_time): use more time if we have an increment

	* newbook.c: (build_book) zh/bug book support
	(choose_binary_book_move) zh/bug book support

	* sjeng.c: (main): added 'speed' option

	* utils.c: (speed_test): added

2000-07-03  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* utils.c (comp_to_san): use new movegen calling format
	(init_game): reset phase
	(hash_extract_pv): use new movegen calling format
	(hash_extract_pv): indicate brokenness and ugly_ep_hack
	(speed_test): added

	* ttable.c (initialize_hash): set hold_hash (fixes learning)

	* sjeng.h: changed some move structure data in bitfields for
	-maybe- faster access

	* ttable.c: (clear_tt): added

	* sjeng.c: (main): call clear_tt on variant-switch
	(main): 'book' and 'speed' commands added

	* epd.c: (run_epd_testsuite): call clear_tt

	* seval.c: changes to piece-square tables
	(end_eval): keep piece counters
	(end_eval): bad trade and drawn engame code
	(end_eval): relocated king position bonusses
	(end_eval): larger bonusses for passed pawns
	(check_phase): added
	(seval): use phase var rather than on-the-fly check
	(mid_eval): keep piece counters
	(mid_eval): bad trade code
	(mid_eval): kingsafety bugfixes
	(mid_eval): tweaked bonusses
	(opn_eval): tweaked bonusses

	* search.c: added ugly_ep_hack
	(order_moves): ifdef'ed EXTRAKILLERS
	(perft): updated for new movegen calling format
	(qsearch): updated for new movegen calling format
	(search): disable Extended Futility Pruning in endgames
	(search): updated for new movegen calling format
	(search): better(?) killer replacement code
	(search_root): use ugly_ep_hack
	(search_root): better killer replacement code
	(search_root): update bestmovenum on fail-high
	(think): use new book code
	(think): update and print game phase
	(think): removed bogus cpu_start update
	(think): new fail-low handling code
	(tree): use new movegen calling format
	* extvars.h: added phase, numb_moves, ugly_ep_hack

	* partner.c (CheckBadFlow): adapted for new movegen calling format

	* newbook.c: new file

	* moves.c: (gen) changed calling sequence to eliminate num_moves
	(try_drop): removed num_moves parameter
	(push_king): removed num_moves parameter
	(push_knight): removed num_moves parameter
	(push_pawn): removed num_moves parameter
	(push_slide): removed num_moves parameter

	* book.c: (choose_book_move): do not fix first move for any variant
	(choose_book_move): adapted for new movegen calling format

2000-06-01  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* moves.c: (gen): use 'else if' for second case in ep move testing
	(push_slide): use break instead of set/test
	(try_drop): piece drop has always npiece captured

2000-05-29  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* ttable.c: (initialize_hash): reset hash before rebuilding

2000-05-28  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* search.c (search_root): time_failure only on no_moves
	(think): use partial search results

	* WAC, 486DX33 5sec: 176/300

	* search.c (search): removed NDCuts/NDTries counting
	(search): No nullmoves on the PV. This seems to increase tactical
	awareness a bit as well as a few PV-backup problems.

	* extvars.h: removed NDCuts/NDTries display

	* sjeng.c (main): removed NDCuts/NDTries display

	* epd.c: (run_epd_testsuite): use rinput rather than scanf
	(run_epd_testsuite): removed NDCuts/NDTries display
	use check_solution and print results
	(check_solution): added

2000-05-26  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* utils.c (post_fail_thinking) print ?? instead of --
	removed some obsolete references to Faile
	(comp_to_san): new function
	(hash_extract_pv): new function
	(post_thinking): use comp_to_san and hash_extract_pv
	(post_fail_thinking): use comp_to_san
	(post_fh_thinking): use comp_to_san
	(post_fl_thiking): use comp_to_san

2000-05-20  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* search.c: (search) disable nullmove if fewer than 14 pieces
	(search): only use check extensions near leaves
	(search): fixed: double queen and rook futility margins 
	(search): razor first moves, except if PV
	(search): removed DPVS

	* search.c: (think) removed: printing of RS
	(think): count researches and display on whisper
	(think): only learn if depth is at least 3

	* search.c: (qsearch) removed lazy evaluation

2000-04-22  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.2

	* NEWS: updated

	* README: added remark about _WIN32

	* utils.c: (rdifftime): use precise function if HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY

	* sjeng.h: don't use timeb if !HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY and !HAVE_FTIME

	* utils.c: (interrupt): check for _WIN32 if !HAVE_SELECT

	* added THANKS

	* utils.c: (rtime): use gettimeofday if ftime is not available

	* added check for gettimeofday
	AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE: updated version number

	* eval.c: (initialize_eval): last fix was not sufficent
	increased dimension of pre_tropism arrays

2000-04-18  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* eval.c: (initialize_eval): fix out-of-bounds error

2000-04-16  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.1

	* sjeng.c: (main) updated version output

	* updated AC_OUTPUT
	AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE: updated version number

	* tests/ file added

	* books/ file added

	* added SUBDIRS

2000-04-12  Gian-Carlo Pascutto  <>

	* Released 7.0

	* Added/renamed files to comply with GNU standards (NEWS,BUGS,...)

	* Added automake/autoconf/autoheader/etc... support