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0.41     2006-01-31

- This release is based on version 2006a of the Olson database.

0.40     2005-12-27

- This release is based on version 2005r of the Olson database.  This
includes the latest Canadian changes to match the recent US changes.
Also note that as of this version several zones which used to be
links, including "EST", "MST", and "CST6DST", are now separate zones.

0.39     2005-06-05

- This release is based on version 2005o of the Olson database.

0.3801   2005-11-24  the "not turkey day" release

- The last release included some generated modules for old zones (like
Europe/Belfast) which are now links to existing zones.  These modules
referenced the non-existent DateTime::TimeZone::Singleton module.
Reported by Rafael Garcia-Suarez.

0.38     2005-11-21

- Trying to create a DateTime object during DST exactly 11 years in
the future (really, 1 year after the end of the pre-generated TZ
change data that ships in the package) cause an error.  Reported by
Daniel B Boorstein.

- This release is based on version 2005n of the Olson database.

- Added a new method, has_dst_changes(), which indicates whether a
given zone has any DST changes.

0.37     2005-08-22

- Make sure that provided time zone names are valid, because
DateTime::TimeZone uses them in an eval.  If you were passing
user-provided data directly to DateTime::TimeZone->new, someone could
give a string like "America/Chicago; system 'rm -rf /';", which would
be bad.  Reported by Matthew Reilly.

- Made it possible to call catalog-related functions as methods.

- This release is based on version 2005i of the Olson database.  This
include some major changes coming up in the US as a whole in 2007,
along with other changes for just Indiana.

0.36     2005-04-21

- This release is based on version 2005i of the Olson database.

0.35     2005-03-15  the "I hate this dope" release

- This release is based on version 2005g of the Olson database.

- STORABLE_thaw() now returns $self in preparation for proposed
changes to Storable.

0.34     2005-03-11

- Some time zone short names were incorrectly being given as something
like "GMT/BST", when it should have been alternating between GMT and
BST based on the daylight saving time.  Reported by Tom Yandell.

- This release is based on version 2005f of the Olson database.

0.33     2005-02-26

- This release is based on version 2005e of the Olson database.

- When trying to determine the local time zone, if /etc/localtime is a
file, make sure that matching file in /usr/share/zoneinfo is not a

0.32     2004-01-05

- Fix for bug revealed by DateTime 0.23, which could cause an
"undefined value in eq" warning when creating objects for dates in the
far future that were during DST.

- This release is based on version 2005a of the Olson database.

0.31     2004-12-09

- This release is based on version 2004g of the Olson database.

0.30     2004-10-13

- This release is based on version 2004e of the Olson database.

0.29     2004-09-22

- This release is based on version 2004d of the Olson database.

0.28     2004-07-24

- This release is based on version 2004b of the Olson database.  Note
that some Argentinian time zones have moved from America to
America/Argentina, though there are aliases for the old names.

0.27     2004-05-27

- This release is based on version 2004a of the Olson database.

- /etc/timezone and /etc/TIMEZONE are not the same thing.  Code for
getting the local time zone name from the latter was supplied by
Daniel Boorstein.

- Added support for getting the local time zone from
/etc/default/init.  Suggested by Daniel Boorstein.

0.2601   2004-03-16

- Fix test failure which could happen if tests were run before is installed.  Reported by Slaven Rezic.

0.26     2004-03-09

- Added DateTime::TimeZone->is_valid_name class method.

- Added Storable freeze & thaw hooks.  This should fix RT ticket
#5542, reported by Dan Rowles (I hope).

0.2507   2004-02-14  the "nothing says love like timezones" release

- Fix a test failure in t/04-local.t on systems where /etc/localtime
is a copy of a zoneinfo file, not a symlink.  This was a bug in the
testing code.  Reported by Warren Dodge and a few others.

- If /etc/localtime was a copy of a zoneinfo file, then the current
working directory could be changed while trying to determine the local
time zone, because we use File::Find to find a matching zoneinfo file.
Reported by someone ... (I can't find the message reporting this).

- Update the Makefile.PL to work with Module::Build 0.23.

0.2506   2003-12-15

- On systems where /etc/localtime is a copy of a zone info file (like
FreeBSD), we now look for a matching file in /usr/share/zoneinfo in
order to determine the local time zone.  Based on a patch from Slaven

- This release is based on the 2003e Olson database.

0.2505   2003-10-27

- The change in 0.2504 to accomodate SuSE's /etc/sysconfig/clock file
broke this feature on RedHat.  Sigh.  Reported by John Siracusa.

0.2504   2003-10-25

- If a timezone module cannot be loaded, give a more useful error
message if the failure is due to a syntax error in the module, as
opposed to the specified time zone not existing.  Based on a patch
from Alexey Mahotkin.

- Require Pod::Man 1.14+, so that head3/head4 markup doesn't cause
installation to die.

- SuSE puts TIMEZONE="Foo/Bar" in the /etc/sysconfig/clock file, but
DT::TZ::Local just looked for ZONE="...".  Reported by Pete.

0.2503   2003-10-06

- Made the offset string -> number conversion slightly less strict, so
that 1:00:00 is accepted, as opposed to required 01:00:00.  Without
colons, it still must be four or six digits, however.

- This release is based on the 2003d Olson database, which contains
updates for various zones.

- Fixed a bug in DateTime::TimeZone::OlsonDB for zones where an
observance change occurred at UTC year X, and a new rule started at
local year X + 1, but the offset meant that these were actually the
same year.  No zones in the previous release were affected, and this
bug was only uncovered by the new Olson data.

- Handle rule times of 24:00 in the Olson data.  Again, this was not
present in previous versions of the Olson data.

0.2502   2003-09-09

- Lots of fixes and improvements in how offsets are converted from
strings to numbers.  Also, a DT::TZ::OffsetOnly object now normalizes
its offset so that two offsets created from different strings, but
representing the same offset, now return the same value from the
name() method.  Patched by Joshua Hoblitt.

- More env vars and files are looked at when trying to determine what
the local time zone is.  Thanks to Date::Manip for this.

- Added SIGNATURE file to distribution.

0.2501   2003-08-10

- Fixed a test that failed because of a change in the
from_object() API.

0.25     2003-07-20

- Removed a test that only passed with DateTime CVS HEAD installed.

0.24     2003-07-20

- Fixed bugs in generated data for many time zones.  Upgrading is
highly recommended!

- This version is _much_ better tested than any previous version.  The
script tools/tests_from_zdump can be used to generate fairly
comprehensive tests for almost every time zone.  The generated tests
are not shipped with the distribution because they are too huge, and
take too long to run (400,000+ tests in about 25 minutes).

0.23     2003-07-03

- $_ was being overwritten if you specified a time zone of "local".
This could cause problems in for loops with implicit iterators if you
were to create a DateTime object with a "local" time zone inside your
own loops.  Fixed by Iain Truskett.

0.22     2003-06-28

- The is_olson method was returning true for all objects.  Reported by
Flavio Glock.

0.21     2003-06-25

- Switched to Module::Build, which should fix the installation
problems caused by very long Makefile lines on some platforms.

- Fixed a bug in finding the correct data for a given datetime.  This
could occur when calling set_time_zone on an object that was very
close to a DST transition, though it only affected some time zones in
a few specific circumstances.  Reported by Ben Bennett.

0.20     2003-06-20

- Load File::Spec in DT::TZ::Local.  Reported by John Siracusa.

0.19     2003-06-13

- The name() method will now always return something that can be used
to recreate the original object by calling DateTime::TimeZone->new().
The only class which changed was DT::TZ::Floating, but the fact that
name() is guaranteed to work in recreating the object is an API

0.18     2003-06-06

- Switched the internal data structure for the Olson database to use
array references instead of hash references.  This seems to save a
reduce memory usage to about 66% of the hash based version.
Additionally, the files themselves have gotten much smaller.  This was
all partially based on a patch by Eugene van der Pijll.

0.17     2003-05-25

- Fixed test failures on system where /etc/localtime is not a symlink.
Diagnosed by Iain Truskett.

- There are now more things looked at to determine the local time
-- Check for /etc/timezone file.
-- Check for /etc/sysconfig/clock file.  Patch from Rick Measham.
Testing help from Ben Bennett.

- Added is_olson method so object created from a named Olson database
time zone can be distinguished from other types of objects.

0.16     2003-05-07

- Fixed a bug where a POSIX time zone in $ENV{TZ} could cause the code
to try to load a module named something like

- The feature which attempts to read /etc/localtime to determine the
time zone was broken.  Reported by John Siracusa.

0.15     2003-05-05

- Fixed some bugs in calculations of offsets for future datetimes
could be incorrect.  This also quiets some warnings from's
time zone tests.

0.14     2003-05-05

- Make sure tests always run with warnings on.

- The were major bugs in handling time zones where the second to last
observance had "infinite" rules (rules where the "TO" field is "max")
and the last observance did not specify rules.  An example of this is

- Fixed a bug in the generated time zone code that caused it to do
more work than it should when calculting offsets for future datetimes.

0.13     2003-05-03

- Fixed DateTime::TimeZone::OffsetOnly constructor so that it only
accepts valid offsets.  Previously, invalid offsets like "foo" were
turned into zero internally.

- Made "local" look for /etc/localtime symlink as part of determining
local time zone.

- Added a links() function to DateTime::TimeZone.

- Included all the links from Olson db file named backwards, which
includes things like "US/Central".

- When searching for the current offset based on the local time, we
now prefer the later of the two offsets rather than the earlier.
Otherwise, offset shifts larger than a day can cause some very strange
problems when doing date math.

- DateTime::TimeZone::OffsetOnly objects now return the offset in
string form when their name() or short_name_for_datetime() methods are
called.  Suggested by Rick Measham.

0.12     2003-04-12

- Updated to latest Olson database (2003a).

- Fixed a bug in handling time zones with only one historical offset,
like Pacific/Johnston.

0.11     2003-03-26  the "Asia/Baghdad release"

- Fixed two bugs, both of which made some time zones unusable..  One
affected time zones that do not have any DST changes, and the other
affected time zones that have exactly two historical offsets (one of
which would be the current offset), such as Pacific/Tarawa.  Reported
by Eric Cholet.

0.10     2003-03-20

- Fixed a bug in the DateTime::TimeZone::offset_as_seconds bug when
trying given a negative number that resulted in an offset that
included minutes (not a whole hour).  Found by Flavio Glock.

0.09     2003-02-26

- Fixed an infinite recursion bug in generating future time zone data
that occurred when $ENV{TZ} was something like "America/Chicago".
Sort of reported by Eugene van der Pijll ;)

0.08     2003-02-22

- Fix handling of "local" time zone so that it passes a string to the
OffsetOnly constructor instead of a number.  Reported by Eric Cholet.

- Fix DateTime::TimeZone::OffsetOnly documentation to specify that
offset must be specified as string, not a number.

0.07     2003-02-19

- Skip tests unless 0.06 is installed.  Otherwise we have
a bootstrapping problem since DateTime 0.06 needs DateTime::TimeZone

0.06     2003-02-16

- Changes to work with 0.06.

- DateTime::TimeZone::offset_as_seconds handles '0' properly.

- Fix a bug in handling future times for time zones with recurring
rules.  The symptom would be the error "Invalid local time for date

- Time zone data is now stored in a simple array, and searched using a
binary search algorithm.  This eliminates the need to install
Tree::RedBlack, and makes looking up time zone data quicker.
Suggested by Jonathan Peacock.

0.05     2003-02-13

- The offset_as_string function did not handle negative offsets
properly.  Patch from Kellan Elliott-McCrea.

- Allow 'Z' as an offset name, equivalent to 'UTC'.  Patch from
Kellan Elliott-McCrea.

- Make sure DT::TZ subclasses which need to override
is_dst_for_datetime do so.

- Changed offset_as_seconds and offset_as_string so that the former
always assumes its arg is a string and the latter always assumes it
got a number.

0.04     2003-02-10

- Be forgiving of bad names in $ENV{TZ} and just calculate local
offset instead.

0.03     2003-02-09

- Fixed bug in new method that should have caused DateTime::TimeZone
to not be loadable.

- Added is_dst_for_datetime method.

0.02     2003-02-09

- Updated version number to non-dev-release so that it's visible when looks for it as a prereq to  Otherwise identical
to 0.02 and still alpha/beta-ish.

0.01_01  2003-02-06

- Don't make pod for generated timezone modules.

- Fix a buglet that caused test 01load.t to fail with some versions of
Test::More.  Reported by John Peacock.

0.01_00  2003-02-04

- Initial alpha release