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Revision history for Perl extension HTTP::Proxy

0.19 Fri Apr 28 19:55:41 CEST 2006
	- HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::simple now lets one define an
	  end() method as well
	- HTTP::Proxy::(Body|Header)Filter::simple now provide a default
	  filter() that does nothing if their constructor is not given one
	  (thanks to Merijn Brand)
        - close RT ticket #14548 by correcting the 'filename' check
          in HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save (Max Maischein)
        - ERROR messages are always logged (Mark Tilford)
        - more tests for log() and logmask() in t/11log.t

0.18 Sun Mar 19 23:49:38 CET 2006
        - the new known_methods() method can return all method
          names know to HTTP::Proxy (can be helpful with the
          method parameter of push_filter())
        - close RT ticket #14898 by using a per-parent lockfile for
          HTTP::Proxy::Engine::ScoreBoard (Chris Dolan)
        - close RT ticket #18243 by adding missing DeltaV methods
          (Stephen Steneker)
        - eg/   - redirect to

0.17 Wed Sep 28 23:25:17 CEST 2005
        - Thanks to Randal Schwartz, a new HTTP::Proxy::Engine::ScoreBoard
          engine is available. I've benchmarked a twofold speed increase.
          This engine is still beta, you must enable it by hand.

0.16  Thu Sep  1 19:13:55 CEST 2005
        - the new HTTP::Proxy::Engine class and its subclasses
          now handle the life and death of child processes
        - the Content-Length header is now removed only if body
          filters will be applied on the response body
        - HTTP::Proxy now supports some Apache-like attributes
          (start_servers, max_clients, max_requests_per_child,
          min_spare_servers, max_spare_servers, keep_alive,
          max_keep_alive_requests, keep_alive_timeout)
        - added support for ALL WebDAV/DeltaV methods
        - the query argument to push_filter(), added in 0.14, should
          now work (thanks to Simon Cozens for spotting the problem)
        - the proxy now has a stash, which is a hash where filters can
          store data (possibly to share it). (Requested by Mark Fowler)
          Warning: since the proxy forks for each TCP connection, the
          data is only shared between filters in the same child process.
        - the maxchild, maxconn and maxserve accessors are now
          deprecated. They will disappear in the future:
          + maxchild has no replacement (should be handled by the engine)
          + maxconn becomes max_connections
          + maxserve becomes max_keep_alive_requests
        - Information regarding the way the engine should behave
          must passed in the constructor or directly to the engine
        [NEW METHODS]
        - $proxy->engine() return the HTTP::Proxy::Engine instance
        - $proxy->new_connection() increase the TCP connections counter
          (should only be used by HTTP::Proxy::Engine object)
        - Makefile.PL was not playing nice with Build.PL in the
          previous distributions. This has been fixed. Sorry for the
        - no more annoying "getsockname() on closed socket GEN0"
          warnings (they appeared in 0.14)
        [Win32 SUPPORT]
        - Win32 is now supported! badly supported, but supported...
        - until someone writes a decent engine for Win32, the default
          Win32 engine will be HTTP::Proxy::Engine::NoFork, which
          can only handle a single TCP connection at a time
        - eg/ - removes ad interruptions from Yahoo! Groups
        - eg/       - peek/poke at encrypted web pages
        - eg/      - improved the logger script

0.15  Tue Apr  5 21:17:40 CEST 2005
        - added support for WebDAV methods (requested by Christian Laursen)
        - The filter selection is based on the original request and response,
          as it should
        - improved kwalitee
        - the start() method is no longer supported in HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter
          subclasses. Use begin() instead.
        - eg/    - save \.pdf files and send a HTML confirmation instead
                         (idea by Emmanuel Di Prétoro)

0.14  Tue Mar 29 11:40:51 CEST 2005
        - It's been more than a year since last release, which is bad.
          I now plan to release new versions more often, maybe about
          once a month, or when there are big changes.
        - the start() method of HTTP::Proxy::Bodyfilter subclasses
          is renamed begin(), since it now has an end() counterpart.
          (On a related note, I improve my English. Be sure to check out
 for details)          
        - start() in filters is therefore declared deprecated, an error
          message is logged. The start() method will not be called any
          more as from 0.15.
        - the FILTER constant is now named FILTERS. FILTER will disappear
          in 0.15 as well.
        - subclasses of HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter can now have a
          finalisation method, named end()
        - the start^Wbegin() method of HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter subclasses
          now receive the message as an argument
        - new built-in filter: HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save
          that can save the message body to a file while browsing
        - new built-in filter: HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete
          that stores the message body in memory and passes it on to the
          next filters only when it's complete
        - logs have cleaner prefixes and the pid is always shown
        - should work under 5.005_03 (Thanks to Mathieu Arnold)
        - transparent proxying support (mostly to please Martin Zdila
          and Paul Makepeace)
        - push_filter() should now accept the query parameter
        - the FILTER constant is now named FILTERS
        - the proxy does not work under Win32, except if you force
          maxchild to 0 (no forking at all).
        - t/20dummy.t (and a few otrhers) hanged under Win32
          + Ken Hirsch proposed a patch for HTTP::Daemon
            (and a workaround for HTTP::Proxy's daemon object)
          + Bruno De Fraine tracked down the problem to the fork()
            emulation by Windows threads under Win32 that lead to
            a deadlock.
          => both explanations cover the same problem, which I haven't
             been able to correct yet
        - all the tests that fork a proxy and a server are therefore
          skipped under Win32. This is ugly, and will change in the future.
        - eg/    - save rfc\d+\.txt files as we browse them
        - eg/     - save \.js files as we browse them
        - eg/ - enhance the Dragon Go Server web site
        - eg/   - make the web tawk wike Ewmer J. Fudd
        - eg/ - switch proxies as you browse
        - Changed all the examples so that they can take HTTP::Proxy::new()
          parameters on the command-line (so, call them with logmask 3,
          for example)
        - documentation for the filter initialisation methods
        - removed all references to the so-called "store-and-forward"
          mechanism (see HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete)

0.13  Wed Mar  3 17:36:31 CET 2004
        - CONNECT support (but only transparently...)
        - the client_headers() method (similar to hop_headers()) give
          the filters access to the proxy's LWP::UA Client-* headers
        - filters are applied on all supported methods by default
        - removed everything regarding control() and control_regex(),
          which were not used and confusing
        - tests for CONNECT support
        - tests for SSL support (not working yet)
        - eg/    - a very simple adblocker
        - eg/       - trims whitespace from HTML pages 
        - eg/ - add any text right after <body>
        - separate COPYRIGHT and LICENSE sections in all man pages

0.12  Thu Jan 22 23:54:03 CET 2004
        - send the error message to the client when the Proxy agent dies
          (usually because of a filter error)
        - the proxy now sends a X-Forwarded-For header by default
          (and the proxy method x_forwarded_for can toggle this)
        - the proxy method client_socket() gives access to the socket
          connected to the current client (the example in Changes for 0.10
          was wrong: one can get the IP address of the connected agent from
          inside a filter with $self->proxy->client_socket->peerhost)
        - do not block simultaneous connections when not forking
        - clean up the filter chain after the body-request filters
        - ensure the filter stack is reinitialised between requests
        - tests for X-Forwarded-For
        - test the proxy against
        - eg/   - outputs the URI and parameters of all POST requests
        - eg/ - outputs details of GET and POST requests

0.11  Fri Jan  2 17:02:08 CET 2004
        - setting maxchild to 0 prevents forking (Jim Cromie)
        - filters can now match on the query string
        - hop-by-hop headers and Max-Forwards headers are correctly supported
        - new mutators added to HTTP::Proxy: via, hop_headers, request,
        - filters can now answer in place of the server, which allows
          for authorisation filters, cache (?) filters, etc.
        - new examples scripts:
        - push_filter() now correctly supports several match criteria
        - all the Via: header tests are now in t/50via.t
        - t/50standard.t now checks headers for several request types
        - new tests:
          + t/51simple2.t - check response header filters with an actual proxy
          + t/61simple2.t - check response body filters with an actual proxy
        - new method _send_response_headers

0.10  Wed Nov 19 01:36:59 CET 2003


        - new base classes HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter and
        - some useful built-in filter classes:
        - tests for the internal class HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack
        - tests for the built-in filters
        - the examples are up-to-date with the new interface 
        - new/enhanced accessors:
          + the proxy host() attribute becomes actually useful: by default,
            the proxy is only usable by local user-agents (the socket
            is bound to localhost)
          + the filters proxy() accessor gives access to the proxy itself.
            For example, one can get the IP address of the agent connected
            to the proxy from inside a filter ($self->proxy->daemon->peerhost)
        - many documentation changes

        This version is NOT compatible with the previous ones
        regarding the way filters work.


0.09  Fri Aug 15 21:12:17 CEST 2003
        - maxserve is now correctly handled
        - corrected a bug in the t/20keepalive.t test file that
          made the tests fail on some machines

0.08  Thu Mar 13 01:41:42 CET 2003
        - cleaned up support for filters
        - added support for "buffering" filters
          and a new HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack class
        - added an anonymiser script (eg/
        - the tests won't break if a local proxy is configured
        - the interfaces are very likely to change soon

0.07  Tue Feb 18 22:30:43 CET 2003
        - the proxy now supports persistent connexions (Yay!)
        - and tests to check for it
        - and a new timeout accessor

0.06  Mon Feb 17 00:21:37 CET 2003
        - better forking system and better reaping of zombies
          (thanks to David Landgren and Stéphane Payrard)
          Still won't work under Windows, though :-(
        - replaced verbose() by logmask(), so as to fine-tune
          the logging system
        - put some of the test functions in a test module (t::Utils)

0.05  Tue Feb  4 00:47:23 CET 2003
        - explicitly refuse CONNECT
        - better support for TRACE method
        - support the Via: Header (a MUST in RFC 2616)
        - filters, but this needs more work

0.04  Sat Nov 30 12:19:22 CET 2002
        - accept connection from other hosts
        - better ftp support (no test yet)
        - basic gopher support (no test yet)
        - better HTTP error handling
        - use CRLF in HTTP headers

0.03  Fri Nov 29 11:17:36 CET 2002
        - url() method gives a url to reach the proxy
        - new 'control' attribute defines the control URL
        - better subprocess management by preforking child processes
          (thanks to Eric Cholet)
        - a children handles only one request at a time, for better
          performance (this means we only do HTTP/1.0 for now)
        - correctly handle the Proxy-Connection and Connection headers

0.02  Thu Oct 24 23:45:08 CEST 2002
        - the system now forks to handle several connections
        - but needs better test suites

0.01  Tue Oct  1 11:54:07 CEST 2002
        - original version