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Changes for Perl extension Test-NoWarnings

1.01 15 Jan 2010 - Adam Kennedy
	- My release automation accidentally decided that Test::NoWarnings
	  was a Perl licensed distribution. Added in the appropriate changes
	  to make sure it is correctly built with the LGPL license.

1.00 11 Jan 2010 - Adam Kennedy
	- Cleaned and updated the packaging of the module, the dependencies
	  and the Makefile.PL contents, but otherwise remains unchanged (ADAMK)
	- Now makes explicit the Perl 5.006 dependency that was previously
	  an undocumented implicit dependency (ADAMK)

0.084 20 Oct 2007
	- Perl 5.005 throws a warning when accessing $Carp::VERSION and was
	  causing a test to fail.

0.083 15 Dec 2006
	- Finally got rid of INSTALLDIRS => 'perl' from Makefile.PL. It should
	  never have been there but removing it could cause hassle because of
	  Perl's weird ordering of include directories. Basically if an older
	  version exists in the 'perl' installdir it could be picked up instead
	  of the newer version.

0.082  8 Oct 2005
	- Test::Tester now checks depth by default but depth cannot work with
	  tests in END blocks so we need to account for this.

0.081 10 Sep 2005
	- Use the new easier Test::Tester way of doing things.

0.08  2 Jul 2005
	- Fixed one of the test scripts. $T::B::Level was wrong, with older
	  TB's it didn't matter but it does now.

0.07  3 Aug 2004
	- changed slightly in perl5.8.5. It used to behave like
	  warn in that it didn't put "at line blah" at the end of a message
	  that had a \n, even when it was supposed to be doing a full stack
	  trace. Now it does (which is probably a good since the stack trace
	  was missing the first frame). The tests now check Carp's version

0.06 16 Dec 2003
	- Forget to include the LGPL

0.05 19 Jul 2003
	- For Carp on 5.6.1 we now have to fiddle with CarpLevel

0.04 13 Jul 2003
	- Carp on 5.6.1 doesn't export longmess, so we have to use a fully
	  qualified call to Carp::longmess()

0.03  7 Jul 2003
	- require Test::NoWarnings will not turn on the automatic test at the
	  end. This is to stop tests running when MakeMaker is checking the

0.02  1 Jul 2003
	- Arghhhh! Dependencies! Fixed now

0.01 date unknown
	- Renamed from Test::Warn::None
	- Now it copes with forks

0.02 date unknown
	- Updated Test::Tester dependency

0.01 date unknown
	- Initial release