09Attr01basic.t   [plain text]

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Test::More tests => 13;
BEGIN {use_ok('Pod::WSDL::Type')}
use strict;
use warnings;

my $attrData;
local $/ = undef;
$attrData = <DATA>;

eval {
	my $a1 = new Pod::WSDL::Type();

ok(defined $@, 'new dies, if it does not get a name parameter');

my $a1 = new Pod::WSDL::Type(name => 'my::foo', array => 1, descr => 'blah ...', pod => 'blah blah ...', pod => $attrData);

ok ($a1->name eq 'my::foo', 'Red name argument correctly');
ok ($a1->wsdlName eq 'MyFoo', 'Made wsdl name correctly');
ok ($a1->array == 1, 'Red array argument correctly');
ok ($a1->descr eq 'blah ...', 'Red descr argument correctly');
ok (@{$a1->attrs} == 6, 'Seem to parse pod correctly');
ok (($a1->attrs)->[0]->name eq '_ID', '... yes');
ok (($a1->attrs)->[0]->type eq 'string', '... yes');
ok (($a1->attrs)->[3]->descr eq 'Additional information', '... indeed');

$a1 = new Pod::WSDL::Type(name => 'My::foo');

ok ($a1->array == 0, 'Default for array works');
ok ($a1->descr eq '', 'Handling lack of description works');

eval {

	no warnings;
	ok($@ == undef, 'Renaming type is forbidden');

	_ATTR _ID       $string             Word's ID
	_ATTR _citation $string     _NEEDED Word's citation form
	_ATTR _grammar  $string             Grammatical information
	_ATTR _addInfo  $string             Additional information
	_ATTR _language $string     _NEEDED Word's language as 2-letter ISO code
	_ATTR _user     $Voko::User _NEEDED Word's owner