ChangeLog   [plain text]

2007-06-17  Malcolm Nooning  <> (0.43)
        * lib/Net/  Needed to up the VERSION number
2007-06-16  Malcolm Nooning  <> (0.42)
        * t/forkm.t: Added a wait so that the parent will not loop
	  around and make another child until the previous child has
	  been destroyed.
2007-05-23  Malcolm Nooning  <> (0.41)
        * t/forkm.t: When all ten childs are exited,
	  sub CatchChild will now exit.
2007-05-16  Malcolm Nooning  <> (0.40)
	* t/threadm.t: The tests are now skipped with a
	  passing indication when usethreads is defined, which
	  would mean that the ithreadm tests are the ones that
	  matter. A patch from todd.e.rinaldo was used.  I do
	  not remember what the issues were.

2006-02-15  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.39)

        * t/forkm.t: Hopefully, I finally got rid of the
	  problem with the forking tests. It seems, that
	  the perlipc manual got updated in the past years,
	  most possibly for the same reason: A child handler
	  must be written to catch childs in a loop.

2003-11-10  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.38)

	* lib/Net/ It is now possible to specify
	  user/group root (aka 0). (
 	* Added mode 'ithreads'. (Bill Jackson,
 	* lib/Net/ (Bind): The parent process is
 	  now explicitly closing the client socket in fork
 	  mode. (Thought this would happen automatically
 	  due to garbage collection, but possibly it
 	  doesn't.) Tulsi Ram Mayala,

2002-08-20  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.37)

	* lib/Net/ (Bind): The server died, if
	  accepting a connection failed. Fixed.
	  Nathan Mueller <>

2001-11-12  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.36)

	* For whatever reason, Thread->self returns undef
	  under ActivePerl. This is now handled properly
	   in Net::Daemon::Log. 

2001-04-08  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.35)

	* Added preforked childs to mode 'single'. (Gerald Richter,
	* t/server (Run): Child process is now waiting one second
	  in forking mode. Helps the script t/forkm.t to run fine.
	  (Radu Greab <>)

2000-12-22  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.34)

	* Changed "kill 1" to "kill 'TERM'" when working with fork.
	  Thanks to Torsten Foertsch (, in
	  particular for his explanations on the rationale behind

2000-11-07  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.32)
	* lib/Net/ SigChildHandler is now always returning
	  undef or IGNORE.

2000-06-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.31)

	* lib/Net/Daemon/ (OpenLog): Same thing for FreeBSD. Thanks
	  to Kurt Jaeger <>.

2000-10-05  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.30)

	* lib/Net/ Fixed problem with setlogsock on Solaris. My
	  thanks to Wolfgang Friebel <>.

1999-11-14  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.29)

	* lib/Net/Daemon/ (Fatal): Now displaying the callers
	  error line and file, rather than that of the Fatal() method.

1999-09-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.28)

	* lib/Net/Daemon/ Added LogTime method. 
          Stefan Engel <>
	* lib/Net/ Fixed use of $socket->sockhost() instead
	  of $socket->peerhost() when logging the clients IP address.
          Stefan Engel <>
	* lib/Net/ Made 'IGNORE' the default for $SIG{'CHLD'}
	  on Solaris. Stefan Engel <>

1999-08-11  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.27)

	* lib/Net/ (Bind): Under Linux the CHLD signal is now
	  ignored, due to a suggestion of Gaal Yahas <>.
	  Required because zombies have been created under heavy load.

1999-08-11  Jochen Wiedmann <> (0.26)

	* lib/Net/Daemon/ (Child): Fixed handling of "." in
	  directory names. Thanks to Tom Lowery, <>.
	* t/threadm.t (MyChild): Use of alarm() now depends on a working
	  alarm() function. (Not working under Win32.) Thanks to Tom
	  Lowery, <>

1999-07-24  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.25)

	* lib/Net/ Added the Loop method and the loop-timeout

1999-07-12  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.24)

	* lib/Net/ (Bind): Moved PID file creation before
	  chroot. Benjamin Ritcey <>
	* lib/Net/ (Bind): Added use of the Proc::Daemon::Init
	  module, if present.

1999-07-02  Jochen Wiedmann <> (0.23)

	* lib/Net/ (new): Fixed automatic mode detection.
	  Benjamin Ritcey <>

1999-07-01  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.22)

	* lib/Net/ (Bind): Made --pidfile working.
	  (Joshua Pincus <>)

1999-06-27  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.21)

	* lib/Net/ (Bind): Under Solaris the accept() call
	  can fail with a value of EINTR if a SIGCHLD was catched.
	  This is trapped now. Thanks to Brady Montz <>.

1999-03-20  Liraz Siri       <> (0.20)
	* skipped to 0.2 since I've independantly made modifications,
	  and I'd like to avoid conflict.
	* unix domain support.
	* minor bug fixes jochen made in 0.16 and 0.17.
1998-12-06  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.15)

	* Added regexp lock.
	* Fixed the example server in the man page.

1998-10-30  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.14)

	* lib/Net/ (Bind): Made server quiet without '--debug'.

1998-10-28  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.13)

	* lib/Net/ Some minor modifications for the DBI Proxy.

1998-10-25  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.12)

	* Moved OpenLog, Log, Debug, Error and Fatal to Net::Daemon::Log.

1998-10-17  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.11)

	* Added --configfile.
	* Removed --forking and --single in favour of --mode.
	* Removed --stderr in favour of --logfile=stderr.
	* Added $self->{'clients'}, recognizes 'mask' and
	  'accept' attributes.