Changes   [plain text]

    0.01, 2004-04-22
            Original version; created by h2xs 1.22

    0.02, 2004-05-25
            Added test modules that were left out in the first version.
            Thanks to Stuart Johnston for alerting me to this.

    0.03, 2004-06-18
            Fixed a bug (non-localized $_) by declaring a loop variable in
            use functions. Thanks to Stuart Johnston for alerting me to this
            and providing a fix.

            Fixed non-platform compatibility by using File::Spec. Thanks to
            brian d foy.

            Added setmoduledirs and updated tests. Idea shamelessly stolen
            from ...errm... inspired by brian d foy.

    0.04, 2005-05-20
            Added POD tests.

    0.05, 2005-11-30
            Fixed issue with bugfix in PathTools-3.14.

    0.06, 2008-01-26
            Module::Find now won't report duplicate modules several times 
            anymore (thanks to Uwe Všlker for the report and the patch)