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Revision history for Perl extension Module::Build.

0.20  Tue Aug 26 14:34:07 CDT 2003

 - Separated the 'build' action into two separate actions, 'code' and
   'docs'.  This is similar to MakeMaker's separation of the 'all'
   target into 'pure_all' and 'manifypods'.  This fixes a permissions
   hassle in which doing 'sudo Build install' would often create local
   doc files that needed superuser permissions to delete.

 - Enhanced the 'help' action - 'Build help foo' will now show the POD
   documentation for the 'foo' action.

 - Added a notes() feature, which helps share data transparently
   between the Build.PL and t/*.t scripts.

 - The installation process will now create man(1) and man(3) pages
   from POD in modules & scripts, and install them.  We don't build
   man pages when there's nowhere to install them, such as on some
   Win32 or most Mac systems.  [large patch by Steve Purkis, 5.005 fix
   by Mathieu Arnold]

 - The 'distdir' action now copies files to the distribution
   directory, rather than making them hard links to the original
   files.  This allows authors to do last-minute alterations of the
   files without affecting the originals. [Dave Rolsky]

 - If the author uses XS files in nonstandard locations, the copied
   versions of those files will now be cleaned up properly.

 - In invoking the 'test' action or invoking 'xsubpp', we now use the
   same perl executable as we use everywhere else, rather than blindly
   using $^X or $Config{perlpath} (neither of which are very

 - Fixed a problem with the 'install_path' parameter given to
   'Build.PL' being lost in subsequent actions. [Reported by Mathieu

 - Fixed yet another bug with installation directories, in which the
   'install_base' parameter wasn't being respected on the command
   line.  [Spotted by Jonathan Swartz]

 - Changed the way the depends_on() method works inside action
   subroutines - now each action will only run once per dispatch()
   invocation (similar to how perl's require() function works).  This
   helps avoid some difficult problems with dependency loops.

 - Changed the documentation for the 'autosplit' parameter to give
   reasons why it may not be a good idea to use, but no longer
   threaten to remove it.  [Suggested by Martyn J. Pearce]

 - Improved the formatting of the 'traditional' Makefile.PL generated
   by Module::Build::Compat->create_makefile_pl. [Michael Schwern]

 - The 'traditional' Makefile.PL will now use the 'module_name'
   parameter (as NAME) if it's available, otherwise it will continue
   to use the 'dist_name' (as DISTNAME). [Michael Schwern]

 - Created read/write accessor methods for all our 'properties'.
   [Michael Schwern]

 - The 'test_files' parameter can now be specified using glob() syntax
   (i.e. 't/*.t'), and the corresponding test_files() method is now a
   read/write accessor.

 - The location of the 'blib' directory is now a property of the Build
   object - nobody is likely to notice this change, with any luck, but
   it makes the design and code cleaner.

 - The 'disttest' and 'distsign' methods now chdir() back to the
   directory where they started, rather than to the base_dir of the

 - Improved comparisons of version strings containing underscore
   characters (indicating "beta" status). [Steve Purkis]

 - Added documentation for the 'dist_author', 'dist_abstract', and
   'codebase' parameters to new(), and for the 'ppd' action. [Dave

 - Added documentation for the up_to_date() and contains_pod()
   methods. [Dave Rolsky]

 - 'traditional' pass-through Makefile.PLs will now contain an
   INSTALLDIRS parameter matching the Build.PL's 'installdirs'

 - version_from_file() now ignores $VERSION variables that are defined
   in POD or comments.  It can still be tricked by $VERSIONs in string
   literals, though.  [Steve Purkis]

 - The code to find packages in module files now uses Steve's scanning
   method (above) to skip package-declaration-lookalikes in POD or

 - The 'disttest' action will now propagate its @INC settings to its

0.19  Wed Jul  9 22:34:02 CDT 2003

 - Added support for the 'install_path' parameter, which allows custom
   specification of where things should be installed.  This is a major
   improvement to Module::Build's functionality.

 - Added the 'install_base' parameter.  Provides an easy way to
   install to local or alternative directory trees.

 - We now install scripts by default to $Config{installsitebin}
   instead of $Config{installscript}.  Neither is a great choice, but
   the former is likely to be [analogous to] /usr/local/bin, and the
   latter is likely to be [something like] /usr/bin .  If/when there's
   a $Config{installsitescript}, we'll start using that automatically.

 - Fixed a problem on Win32 in which C and XS files wouldn't be
   compiled properly, and the user would see an error about 'Can't
   locate object method "format_compiler_cmd"'.

 - We now use the correct perl interpreter (via
   Module::Build->find_perl_interpreter) in pass-through makefiles.

 - The t/compat.t test now uses $Config{make} instead of just 'make'
   to test makefile compatibility.  This fixes some failures on Win32.
   We also skip this test entirely if no make utility is available.

 - Alternative distribution layouts are now supported via the
   'pm_files', 'pod_files', 'xs_files', 'PL_files', and 'script_files'
   parameters to new().  This should help people transition from
   MakeMaker, and might even help us write an automatic transition

 - Added tests to t/runthrough.t that check to see installation is
   happening correctly.

 - Added experimental code to build a .ppd file, in support of
   ActiveState's "Perl Package Manager". [original patch by Dave
 - For authors who use Module::Signature to sign their distributions,
   we now create the SIGNATURE file right in the distribution
   directory, rather than creating it in the top-level directory and
   copying it into place.  This solves problems related to having
   files get out of date with respect to their signatures.
 - We now don't depend on Module::Info to scan for packages during the
   'dist' action anymore, because it's way too aggressive about
   loading other modules that you may not want loaded.  We now just
   (ick, yuck) scan the .pm files with a regular expression to find
   "package Foo::Bar;" statements.

 - Silenced some annoying copyright/logo output from Microsoft 'nmake'
   during Makefile compatibility testing. [Randy W. Sims]

 - Command-line arguments may now either be specified using the syntax
   '--foo foovalue' as well as the traditional syntax 'foo=foovalue'.
   The former is often more convenient for shell tab-completion when
   the value is a filename (as in 'Build test --test_files t/basic.t').

 - Command-line arguments may now include non-named parameters, which
   make some actions more natural.  For instance, the 'diff' action
   may now be invoked as 'Build diff -u' rather than as
   'Build diff flags=-u'.

 - Pass-through Makefile.PLs now convert unknown Makefile.PL
   parameters to lower-case and hand them to Build.PL, rather than
   ignoring them.  This means we only have to account for the
   differences in the interface, not the entire interface, in
   translating parameters.

 - We now issue a warning & don't proceed if asked to make a distdir
   and there's no MANIFEST or it's empty.

 - Moved INSTALL to INSTALL.txt to increase compatibility with various
   odd versions of 'make' during 'make install' on case-insensitive
   filesystems (like nmake on Win32, often).  Only affects the
   Makefile compatibility layer.  [reported by Andrew Savige]

 - Module::Build->known_actions() now works as a class method.

 - Pass-through makefiles now list each action individually rather
   than using a ".DEFAULT" catch-all.  This improves compatibility
   with 'nmake' on Win32, and probably some other less common 'make'
   dialects.  [Andrew Savige]

 - We're now more aggressive about testing the pass-through makefiles,
   e.g. making sure they can run 'all' and 'test' targets, and making
   sure the Makefile itself actually exists.

 - Fixed a problem with check_installed_status() when installed
   version contains non-numeric characters like underscores.

 - Fixed a problem with a bareword 'File::Spec' in one of the test
   scripts that caused it not to compile under 5.8.0 (but is fine
   under 5.6).

 - Fixed a problem with the 'destdir' installation parameter on
   platforms that have volume identifiers in path names (like "C:" on
   Win32).  The identifier is now stripped from installation
   directories before prepending the destdir path.  The destdir path
   may still have a volume identifier on it.

 - Added an 'add_to_cleanup' parameter to new() that calls
   add_to_cleanup() immediately for the given files.

 - The distribution directory (e.g. Sample-Module-0.13/ ) will now be
   deleted during the 'clean' or 'realclean' actions.
 - During testing of modules, blib/lib and blib/arch are now added as
   absolute paths, not relative.  This helps tests that load the
   modules at runtime and may change the current working directory
   (like Module::Build itself does during testing).
 - The $Config{cc} entry on some people's systems is something like
   'ccache gcc', so we now split that string using split_like_shell().
   [Richard Clamp]

 - Added documentation for 'extra_linker_flags' parameter, and added a
   corresponding 'extra_compiler_flags' parameter. [original patch by
   Richard Clamp]

 - The pass-through Makefile created by Module::Build::Compat now
   supports MakeMaker options like POLLUTE=1 and INC.  We also just
   warn & skip when we see any unknown MM parameters, rather than
   dying.  [Dave Rolsky]

 - Fixed an error about how @INC and $ENV{PERL5LIB} interact during
   the testing of M::B itself. [jk <>]

 - The pass-through Makefile doesn't include 'recommended' M::B
   dependencies in the Makefile anymore, since they're not strictly
   necessary.  In particular, this makes installing M::B itself

 - A new 'create_makefile_pl' parameter lets you use
   Module::Build::Compat during the 'distdir' (or 'dist') action to
   automatically create a Makefile.PL for compatibility with
   ExtUtils::MakeMaker.  The parameter's value should be one of the
   styles named in the Module::Build::Compat documentation.

 - When compiling C code, we now respect 'pollute' and 'inc'
   parameters. (XXX - needs docs) [Dave Rolsky]
 - Made the creation of the "install map" more generic.  (XXX - needs

 - Fixed a problem in which add_to_cleanup() didn't note cleanup files
   unless create_build_script() had been called already. [Dave Rolsky]

 - During 'Build dist', we no longer have to load each .pm file (via
   Module::Info) to determine the $VERSION numbers inside.  Instead,
   we call our internal version_from_file() method, which is the same
   thing MakeMaker and PAUSE and do.  Also fixes a
   failure when Module::Info is installed in a nonstandard directory.
   [reported by Teun Burgers]

 - Fixed some failing test code on Windows - open files can't be
   deleted. [Andrew Savige]

 - The Cygwin platform is now treated as a flavor of Unix rather than
   a flavor of Windows. [chocolateboy]

 - We're now more aggressive about adding temporary C compilation
   files (*.c, *.bs) to the cleanup list. [Dave Rolsky]

 - When constructing the list in META.yml of packages provided by this
   distribution, we now use the same rules as the PAUSE scanner does
   when a single .pm file contains multiple VERSIONs.  [Andreas Koenig]

 - check_installed_status() now works as both a class method and an
   object method (and is documented so).  [Spotted by Dave Rolsky]

0.18  Tue Apr  8 13:24:23 CDT 2003

 - We now rewrite the shebang lines of scripts ourselves, rather than
   relying on MakeMaker routines to do it.  MakeMaker changed the way
   this happened (not the result, but where the code lived) a few
   times.  [Suggested by Richard Clamp]

 - The scripts() method has changed to script_files(), and likewise
   the 'scripts' parameter has changed to 'script_files'.  The old
   names can still be used for backward compatibility.

 - Support for the 'scripts' parameter (which is now 'script_files')
   was broken in 0.17, now it's fixed.  [Richard Clamp]

 - We now recommend ExtUtils::ParseXS 2.02, which will fail to load
   with perl 5.005 or earlier (which is proper, because it doesn't
   work with those versions).  When it fails to load, we still fall
   back to using the xsubpp script for XS parsing. [spotted by Dave
   Rolsky, fix suggested by Richard Clamp]

 - Now works on VMS - the Build script's shebang-line-equivalent
   wasn't being formed correctly there - though just about everything
   else worked fine.  [Tested & patched by Michael Schwern]

 - Eliminated a warning that occurred if 'perl Build.PL' or the
   check_installed_status() method was run with -w.  [Spotted by
   Michael Schwern]

0.17  Sat Mar 29 18:06:01 CST 2003

 - Now works under perl 5.005_03.  [Richard Clamp]

 - When building blib/ , .PL files are now processed before doing
   anything else.  This means .PL files can be used in any of the
   other contexts.

 - The locating and processing of .pm, .pod, .xs, .PL files and script
   files are now isolated into their own methods.  This is aimed
   toward providing a stable interface for this stuff, so they can be
   overridden, parameterized, etc.  They're not quite stable yet,

 - The internal lib_to_blib() method has gone away, because processing
   is now done by smaller specialized methods.  This method had some
   duplicate assumptions about filenames that it's nice to get rid of.

 - .PL files are no longer automatically processed in the c_source
   directory, they must be specified manually in a 'PL_files'

 - Mention in the docs that it's useful to do "PL_FILES => {}" in a
   Makefile.PL if you're using both a Makefile.PL and a
   Build.PL. [Dom]

 - Add several options to the 'license' field, so that we're in better
   sync with PAUSE and CPAN options. [Andreas Koenig]

 - Created a find_perl_interpreter() method that tries to locate the
   currently executing perl interpreter.  Following a suggestion from
   Nicholas Clark <> for Inline, we prefer an absolute
   path in $^X, then an existent path in $Config{perlpath}, then
   whatever's in $^X.

 - Use the aforementioned perl to run scripts in run_perl_script().
   This fixes the spurious warning "WARNING: Configuration was
   initially created with 'foo', but we are now using 'bar'" that
   appeared a lot in version 0.16.

0.16  Mon Feb 24 13:06:47 CST 2003

 - All three C compilers that perl supports on Windows environments
   (MSVC, BCC, and GCC) are now supported by Module::Build.  We now
   reportedly pass all tests on Windows.  [Randy W. Sims]

 - The test t/xs.t, which tests building of XS modules, will be
   skipped if no C compiler is found. [suggested by Randy W. Sims]

 - The "install" action accepts new "destdir" [motivated by Michael
   Schwern and Chip Salzenberg] and "uninst" parameters [by Dave
   Rolsky].  The former prepends an arbitrary directory to all
   installation paths (useful for package management), and the latter
   will tell ExtUtils::Install to remove any differing files that are
   "shadowing" the stuff you're installing from a different location,
   just like MakeMaker's "make install UNINST=1" command will do.

 - Made changes to the generated Makefile in Module::Build::Compat
   that much better support Windows platforms [after suggestions by
   James Freeman]

 - Added experimental support for creating distribution SIGNATURE
   files via Module::Signature. [Dave Rolsky]

 - Added experimental support for installing via the "" module,
   which allows loading specific versions of modules.  Since this
   module is so new, the interface may still be changing. [Brian

 - Added support for installing executable scripts, via the 'scripts'
   parameter to new(), and the scripts() accessor method.

 - Fix an infinite loop that occurred when doing 'perl Build.PL

 - Fix up the formatting of the error message the user gets when
   prereqs aren't satisfied.

0.15  Fri Jan 17 15:00:24 CST 2003

 - In link_c(), extra object files were mistakenly being treated as
   output files, not input files, in the up-to-date check.  Fixed.

 - In up_to_date(), don't make an unnecessary copy of the file lists
   when they're specified as array references.

 - Split off the C compilation phase into its own method,
   compile_support_files(), for easier subclassing.

 - Start a stub of a 'manifypods' action.

 - Compiler optimizations weren't being included in C compilation
   statements.  Fixed.

 - The 'extra_linker_flags' parameter wasn't being honored.  Fixed.

 - The 'ccflags' entry wasn't being properly split into
   separate arguments.  Fixed.

0.14  Fri Dec 13 14:06:29 AEST 2002

  - Added support for MacPerl (Mac OS version 9 and below), which (as
    far as I know) was never natively supported by MakeMaker.  Still
    lacks support for the 'test' action (because Test::Harness
    requires forking, which MacPerl won't do) and compiling XS/C files
    (because I don't know how to invoke a compiler on MacOS, and one
    may not even be available).  This change is brought to you by
    Michael Schwern and the letter '('.

  - Improved processing of .xs files.  Now we use the new
    ExtUtils::ParseXS module if it's available, otherwise we use
    backticks and write the result to a .c file ourselves.  This
    avoids the need to do cross-platform shell redirection.

  - Make sure all parts of 'Build test' use the not-yet-installed
    version of Module::Build.  This only affects the tests for this
    module, not any of the module code itself.  [Spotted by Schwern]

  - Oopsie - use $Config{ld} instead of $Config{cc} for linking.

  - Added a 'diff' action, which is useful for comparing the details
    of what you're about to install with what is already installed on
    your system.  This uses File::Compare, which is in the core.

  - Fixed a problem on Windows in which the _build/ directory wasn't
    getting deleted during the 'realclean' action, because we had a
    file open in that directory. [Spotted by Michael Schwern]

  - delete_filetree() now always uses File::Path::rmtree(), regardless
    of whether the thing being deleted is a file or a directory.  This
    helps remove things on obscure platforms with strange locking
    rules (or even not so obscure ones like MacOS).  It also now
    reports the number of files or directories deleted (without
    recursing directory contents).

  - rm_previous_build_script() is gone, replaced by calls to

  - 'Build' now chdir()s in a BEGIN block, so the 'use Module::Build'
    statement will work correctly.  Solves a problem on MacOS, where
    the 'Build' script may often be invoked from the wrong working
    directory.  [Fix by Michael Schwern]

  - Internally we now use the multi-argument form of system() to run
    external commands (such as 'diff' or 'cc') whenever possible (and
    whenever we can't avoid system() altogether).  Note that this
    means we have to handle splitting some strings (such as
    $Config{ccflags}) into argument lists like the shell would, which
    is a drag.  However, the alternative would be to handle shell
    quoting of all arguments to commands ourselves, which is an even
    bigger drag across platforms and involves arbitrary filenames and
    so on.

  - To handle the argument splitting mentioned above, a method
    split_like_shell() has been created.  So far it's just doing naive
    processing.  In practice, I've yet to actually see a %Config entry
    that uses quotes & spaces, so the splitting task is usually not
    very error-prone.

  - The 'test' action now takes a 'test_files' parameter, similar to
    the (undocumented) ExtUtils::MakeMaker TEST_FILES argument.  Handy
    during development when fixing bugs.

  - Internally, the rscan_dir() method can now accept a predicate
    function that decides whether a file/directory should be matched.

  - We now issue a warning message when the author hasn't specified a
    license type.

0.13  Wed Nov 20 20:07:53 AEST 2002

  - 'cleanup' file lists are now written immediately, rather than at
    program termination.  This helps avoid "phantom files" that don't
    get handled by the 'realclean' action.  The internal
    write_cleanup() method (which was never documented) is now gone.

  - The 'blib/' directory is now properly cleaned up in more (all?)
    circumstances.  Previously it could become a phantom if
    create_build_script() was never called.

  - Now scan the 'c_source' directory for .cpp (C++) files as well as
    .c files, and compiles them.

  - Use a 'phony' target for 'make manifest' in the pass-through
    Makefile, for the same reason as 'make install' (see version 0.12
    notes below).

  - Module::Build::Compat now accepts any known key and
    passes it through to the Build.PL.  Fixes a problem with CPANPLUS,
    which was passing INSTALLMAN1DIR.

  - The file 'META.yaml' has been re-named to 'META.yml' in order to
    cooperate better with systems that can only handle 3 characters
    after the dot.

  - The t/xs.t test should give more informative error messages upon

0.12  Thu Nov 14 18:31:47 AEST 2002

  - The META.yaml file was erroneously looking for 'build_depends'
    instead of 'build_requires'. [spotted by Iain Truskett]

  - Add prompt() and y_n() methods for use in Build.PLs

  - Do more to work with all versions of Test::Harness when setting
    the TEST_VERBOSE flag and running under the debugger [patch by
    Dave Rolsky]

  - Include a test for verbosity handling

  - Make sure the blib/ directory is always cleaned up with the
    'clean' or 'realclean' action.

  - In a pass-through Makefile.PL, inform 'make' that 'install' is a
    "fake target", so that it works properly on case-insensitive
    filesystems like HFS+ with distributions that contain an INSTALL
    file. [patch by Brian Ingerson]

  - In Module::Build::Compat, show an example Makefile.PL that can
    install Module::Build and re-invoke itself in one fell swoop [Dave
    Rolsky and Autrijus Tang]

  - Improve the formatting of the Module::Build and
    Module::Build::Compat documentation.

0.11  Fri Aug 23 18:50:46 AEST 2002

  - 'module_version' and 'module_version_from' have been replaced by
    'dist_version' and 'dist_version_from', which is what they really
    meant in the first place.  'dist_name' has been added.

  - 'module_name' is now just a way to set 'dist_name' and
    'dist_version_from' in a convenient way.

  - The 'name' in META.yaml is now the distribution name, not the
    (incorrect) module name. [spotted by Graham Barr]

  - Added the check_installed_status() and prereq_failures() methods
    for checking prerequisite information with the programmatic

  - check_installed_version() now uses check_installed_status()

  - Documented the create_build_script() method, which had escaped

  - create_build_script() now writes prerequisite information to the
    _build/ directory, for use by Module::Build::Compat.

  - Module::Build::Compat has documentation for a safer way to write a
    dummy Makefile.PL. [patch by Autrijus Tang]

0.10  Wed Aug  7 19:36 2002
  - Recommend YAML 0.35 instead of 0.30.

  - Don't die during 'Build disttest' if YAML isn't installed.  This
    fixes tests 5-10 in runthrough.t if YAML isn't installed.

  - Die if an unknown license type is used, but still default to
    'unknown' if no license is specified.

  - Use YAML::DumpFile() if we're using a recent YAML,
    YAML::StoreFile() otherwise.

  - Show specific error messages in runthrough.t.

  - Add a generated_by entry to the META.yaml file.

  - Skip a few tests if YAML isn't installed.

0.09  Fri Jun 28 11:07:08 EST 2002

  - The 'distdir' action wasn't deleting the distribution directory
    before building it again.  This meant that, say, if you did 'Build
    disttest' then 'Build dist', you'd end up with a blib/ directory
    in your distribution.  I actually had this happen for version
    0.08, and it's not nice to distribute a blib/ on CPAN.

  - We now keep track of the 'base_dir', i.e. the top-level build
    directory, so we can change back into it if we change out of it.
    This necessitated a cwd() method, which uses the module.
    I'm aware of Cwd's limitations, particularly under taint-mode, but
    I don't know a way around using it here.

  - The 'dist_dir' action now changes back into 'base_dir' directory.

  - We now do write_config() inside the create_build_script() method,
    not inside the new() method.

  - Simplified the find_version() method, and improved its error

  - Renamed module_name_to_file() to find_module_by_name(), and added
    a parameter specifying the directories to search in.  Previously
    we searched in 'lib' and @INC, which wasn't correct in all

  - Patched the docs to change "Build test" to "./Build test"
    [Elizabeth Mattijsen]

0.08  Wed Jun 26 20:30:56 EST 2002

  - Fixed the 'prereq' alias for the 'requires' parameter

  - Added some tests in t/basic.t to test the dependency checking

  - Added 'artistic' as a licensing option [Arthur Bergman]

  - Fixed some bugs in requires/prereq/recommends/conflicts/build_depends

  - Fixed a typo in the 'distclean' action that prevented its
    execution [Arthur Bergman]

  - Separated the linking phase of building XS items into its own
    link_c() method.  Its interface is still unstable, so it's not
    documented yet. [suggested by Arthur Bergman]

0.07  Jun  9 2002 15:46

  - We now generate a 'META.yaml' metadata file during 'Build dist'.
    This can be very useful for lots of things, none of which are
    implemented yet.

  - Added a 'dynamic_config' parameter, defaulting to false.  This
    lets distribution systems (, etc.) build, test, and install
    "easy" modules without having to execute the Build.PL at runtime.
    It's also a guarantee that the list of dependencies is exactly
    what is present in the metadata file, and won't be changed during
    the build process.

  - Added support for "recommended" and "build-time requirement"
    modules, besides those that are absolutely required.  Also added a
    "conflicts" field.

  - Changed the 'prereq' field to 'requires' (the old name will
    continue to work).

  - Added support for checking the installed version of perl as an
    explicit dependency.

  - Added a 'license' parameter to specify one of a fixed number of
    licenses for the distribution.

  - Fixed a bug in Module::Build::Compat that was preventing arguments
    from being processed properly. [patch by Ilya Martynov]

  - Make sure we're in the right directory when we write the cleanup
    file, since various ExtUtils::Install errors might leave us in an
    unknown directory. [patch by Ilya Martynov]

  - Specified the 'license', 'recommends', and 'dynamic_config'
    values in Build.PL, and changed 'prereq' to 'requires'.

0.06  Apr 2 2002 17:44

  - Added the Module::Build::Compat module for assisting and
    explaining compatibility with ExtUtils::Makemaker and cohorts.

  - State is now saved using Data::Dumper instead of my ad-hoc
    mechanism, guaranteeing data integrity.  Whitespace values broke
    in the former scheme.

  - Added the 'recommended' option, which works like 'prereq' but
    isn't insistent.

  - Separated the various parameters into three groups: parameters
    that tell Module::Build what to do, parameters, and
    user-defined parameters for each build (the module author is the
    'user' here).  This helps avoid conflicts between names, and it
    was silly to have them all together.  The three groups of
    parameters are subject to the same rules for overriding: values
    specified during a Build action take precedence over values
    specified at 'perl Build.PL' time, which in turn take precedence
    over values specified in the call to new().

  - Improved support for .PL files.  Any .PL file in the lib/
    directory or the directory specified by 'c_source' will now get
    properly executed.  I also added a 'PL_files' parameter that you
    can use in case the .PL doesn't create an obviously-named output

  - If a prerequisite condition is malformed, we now report a prereq
    failure and say why.  Previously we issued a warning and kept

0.05   10-Jan-2002 20:26
  - Added the Module::Build->subclass() method, which makes it easier to
    make quick-and-dirty subclasses of Module::Build.

  - Reorganized the docs a bit.

  - Added the 'testdb' action, and the 'debugger=1' argument to the
    'test' action, both of which run tests under the perl
    debugger. (idea: Dave Rolsky)

  - Added prerequisite checking (Dave Rolsky)

  - Fixed an unlikely-to-occur bug with misquoted strings in the
    'Build' script (spot: Dave Rolsky)

  - We're more careful about shush-ing warnings that
    ExtUtils::Manifest might emit (Dave Rolsky)

  - The 'help' action now auto-generates the list of actions (Dave Rolsky)

  - Added the 'distcheck', 'skipcheck', 'distclean', 'distdir', and
    'disttest' actions (Dave Rolsky)

  - We're a little more aggressive about cleaning up temporary files -
    we'll try to clean them up even when we don't have write permission
    on them.  This isn't as dastardly as it sounds; if we /really/
    don't have permission, we won't be able to remove them no matter
    how hard we try.

0.04   Fri Nov 16 16:55 2001
  - Added a 'manifest' action.  It's just like MakeMaker's 'make manifest', it
    brings your MANIFEST file up to date with your distribution directory.

  - Reorganized some of the responsibilities of various methods, which
    allows modules to be built and tested programmatically.

  - The 'clean' action will now clean up files that were created more
    recently than the on-disk cleanup registry was written.

  - Undefined values from are handled correctly now.

  - The dispatch() method will now accept explicit dispatch
    parameters, for use in a programmatic setting.

  - $ENV{TEST_VERBOSE} will be set in test scripts if the 'verbose=1'
    parameter is set.

  - Moved the script to t/basic.t

  - Created the t/xs.t script, which tests building a module with a
    .xs component.

  - Fixed the loading of $^O-specific modules (there were no such
    modules before).

  - Added a 'darwin' platform module, which removes -flat_namespace
    from $Config{ccflags} while building .xs modules (it's a linker
    flag, not a compiler flag).

  - Now uses $^W instead of the 'warnings' pragma, which apparently
    provides compatibility with perl 5.005 (I've only tested it with
    5.6.x myself).

  - If a file called C<> exists in the top-level directory,
    this file will be executed as a Perl script during 'Build test' and
    its output will be shown to the user.  This is a good place to put
    speed tests or other tests that don't use the C<Test::Harness> format
    for output.

  - The 'Build install' step will now put .xs-related things in the
    correct architecture-dependent libraries.

  - Added the 'autosplit' option, even though I think autosplitting is
    a load of hooie.

0.03  Sun Nov 11 14:58 CDT 2001
  - The 'perl Build.PL' step will now detect whether the current
    environment is "unixish", "windowsish", etc., and load the correct
    module (i.e. Module::Build::Platform::Unix).  More specific
    modules may also be written for particular values of $^O.

  - Module::Build will now process any .xs files in the lib/
    directory.  Please let me know whether this works or not with your
    distribution & platform.  I'll be trying out various distributions
    on my platform.

  - Corrected some embarassing errors in the POD documentation.  Also
    added a long documentation section on the various build actions
    (test, install, build, etc.) and added some neato ASCII art.

  - Added a 'cleanup' mechanism - any method may call the
    $self->add_to_cleanup(@files) method to register files which need
    to be cleaned up during 'Build clean'.

  - Added a 'Build help' action that gives a little syntax help, and
    lists all the actions available.

  - Fixed a bug in which 'blib/' wasn't properly being added to @INC
    when running 'Build test'.

  - For the 'Build dist' action, we'll use the 'tar' and 'gzip'
    programs (as specified by on Unix platforms, otherwise
    we'll use Archive::Tar and Compress::Zlib.
0.02  Wed Sep  5 00:53:04 CDT 2001
  - Added POD documentation.

  - Added the 'install', 'fakeinstall', and 'dist' actions.

  - new() will now determine version string based on 'module_version', or
    'module_version_from', or 'module_name', in that order.

  - Module::Build::Base handles its file paths in a platform-independent
    way, using the File:: modules

0.01  Sun Aug  5 01:23:10 2001
  - original version; created by h2xs with options -XA -n Module::Build