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0.45   2010-03-19

- Installing this release will cause older versions of
  DateTime::Format::Strptime to warn like crazy. Please update
  DateTime::Format::Strptime if you install this release.

- This is an interim release still based on CLDR 1.7.1 pending the release of
  Locale::CLDR, which will happen real soon now, for some definition of soon.

- Removed dependency on Class::ISA and just copied what we need from said
  module directly. Class::ISA warns as deprecated if used with Perl 5.11.0,
  even though it works just fine (doh). RT #53940.

- All methods deprecated in the last release now warn when called.

- Added methods to return per-locale strftime formats from the glibc
  data. These methods are not yet documented. They are just there for now to
  allow me to update DateTime::Format::Strptime.

0.44   2009-09-12

- All methods which return strftime-style patterns are officially deprecated
  (and have been a little broken for some time, regardless). This includes all
  date and time format methods ending in "_format".

- Other deprecated methods include:
  date_parts_order, date_before_time
  era, eras
  month_name, month_abbreviation, month_narrow
  month_names, month_abbreviations, month_narrows
  day_name, day_abbreviation, day_narrow
  day_names, day_abbreviations, day_narrows
  quarter_name, quarter_abbreviation, quarter_narrow
  quarter_names, quarter_abbreviations
  am_pm, am_pms
  era_name, era_abbreviation
  era_narrow, era_names, era_abbreviations

- All of these deprecated methods will eventually be removed. If you are using
  them directly, please change your code.

- Converted data files in tools/t/test-data to Unix line endings. This works
  around a bug in Module::Signature. Reported by Zefram. RT #49085.

- Require Params::Validate 0.91, since 0.89 caused test failures for
  someone. Reported by Jeremy Hetzler. RT #41365.

- Moved code to my hg repo at

0.43   2009-06-30

- Based on CLDR 1.7.1, which includes support for several new
  languages, as well as lots of changes.

0.42   2008-09-12

- Based on CLDR 1.6.1, but this has no changes in the data we use. I
  just used 1.6.1 so people wouldn't ask me why I don't use 1.6.1 ;)

- In the switch to CLDR (back in 0.30), I accidentally dropped a
  number of hard-coded aliases, notably for 'C'. These aliases have
  been restored. Reported by Adam Kennedy. RT #39208.

- Generation of aliases based on the 3-letter ISO code for countries
  is now based on the most recent version of ISO639.

0.41   2008-07-12

- Based on CLDR 1.6

- Added the CLDR version to the catalog and generated files. In the
  future, if you load a locale from an older CLDR version than the
  catalog's version, you will get a warning.

0.4001 2008-05-19

- Minor changes to get test passing under 5.6.x.

0.40   2008-05-18

* Dropped support for Perl 5.005.

- Based on CLDR 1.5.1

- Massive reworking of the locale generation code. We now extract much
  more information from the CLDR files. See the DateTime::Locale and
  DateTime::Locale::Base documentation for details on what is

- Lots of bug fixes in the data. The old generation code was often
  extracting the draft form of a piece of data as opposed to the
  current final form. There are also many other data fixes from this
  new generation code.

- One of the notable additions is the inclusion of
  $locale->format_for(...) and $locale->available_formats(). This
  gives you access to formatting for various arbitrary patterns like
  "year and month" or "month and day". Requested by Brian Hirt.

- Many of the new features in this release will only be available with 0.43+, since it requires a version of which
  can handle the CLDR date pattern language.

- All locale files now include POD with examples of the data they

0.35   2007-09-09

- Based on CLDR 1.5

0.34   2007-03-05

- Removed the use of STORABLE_attach from this module entirely, since
  it seemed to have a buggy interaction with See for some
  discussion of this.

0.33   2007-01-06

- Based on CLDR 1.4.1.

- Some locales had am/pm names like "HASH(...)" because of a bug in
  the script to generate the locale modules.

0.32   2006-11-20

- A bug in the STORABLE_freeze method in this class caused major test
  failures for DT::Calendar::Chinese, which is used by

- Do better checking of locale names passed to DT::Locale->load(), so
  we catch undef early before it causes a bunch of warnings.

0.3101 2006-10-23

- Fixed a test failure when DateTime::Locale is installed on a system
  where has never been installed.

- Fixed a test failure in bleadperl. RT Ticket #22515. Reported by
  Steve Peters.

0.31   2006-10-22

- Added era_name() and era_abbreviation() methods for the use of

0.30   2006-10-22

- Now using the CLDR data instead of ICU. This isn't a big change,
  since the ICU data was derived from the CLDR data anyway.

- Based on CLDR 1.4.

* BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBILITY - Integrated the ISO639-2 aliases into
  DateTime::LocaleCatalog, and removed

- The data now include both abbreviated and long forms for eras. The
  eras() method continues to return the abbreviated forms, but this is
  deprecated. Use era_abbreviations() or era_names() instead.

- Added a STORABLE_attach method for integration with newer versions
  of Storable which provide better support for singletons.

- The narrow versions of days and months was not available for most
  locales, even though every locale should provide at least the
  default values for these items.

0.22   2005-05-31

- Allow id names passed to load() to contain dashes or underscores, in
  order to support RFC 3066 locale names, which use dashes.

- Fix bugs when a custom locale was registered and a "class" parameter
  was passed to register().  Patch from Yann Kerhervé.

- Switched to a "traditional" Makefile.PL file at Perrin Harkins'

0.21   2005-02-28

- Fix era() method for year 0.

0.20   2005-02-26

* BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBILITY - The way DateTime::Locale::Base
  subclasses work has changed.  Subclasses should no longer implement
  the date_formats() or time_formats() methods.  Instead, they need to
  provide one method per format length (full_date_format(),
  long_date_format(), etc).

- Uses much newer (August, 2004) data from ICU.  This includes a
  number of new locales.  See DateTime::LocaleCatalog for a list.
  This new data also adds a new type of differentiator for locales,
  the script (Latin vs Cyrillic, for example).

- Added new methods to get the "narrow" forms of a day or month.

- Implemented per-locale eras.

- Fix a number of doc typos and buglets.  Patch by Jean Forget.

0.09   2004-03-09

- Added Storable freeze & thaw hooks.

0.08   2004-02-12

- No code changes, just a Makefile.PL update to work with
  Module::Build 0.23.

0.07   2003-12-14

- If given an id like 'en_US.UTF-8', DateTime::Locale would die with
  the message 'Can't locate object method "_load_from_id" via package
  "DateTime::Locale" at /usr/share/perl5/DateTime/ line 220'.
  Reported by Sylvain Daubert.

0.06   2003-12-08

- The DateTime::Locale docs now includes docs for all the methods that
  a locale object has.

0.05   2003-10-03

- Really make the documentation and code match!  This time there are
  even tests for this.  Reported by David Hood (again).

- DateTime::Locale won't try to load a class if it already has a new()
  method.  This is so you can define multiple locale subclasses in one
  file and load that file yourself before calling the load() method.

0.04   2003-10-03

- The documentation incorrectly showed the DateTime::Locale->register
  method as taking an array, rather than an array of hash references.
  Reported by David Hood.

0.03   2003-08-06

- Once a locale is loaded, it is cached in memory, so that locale
  objects are singletons.  Calling methods that change the locale
  registry, like register() or remove_alias(), clear that cache.  This
  should provide a noticeable speed boost when constructing many
  DateTime objects with the same locale.  Based on a patch from John

0.02   2003-07-25

- Make sure tests pass without requiring DateTime 0.14 to be
  installed.  Reported by Claus Farber.

- Document default formats and format lengths in

0.01   2003-07-23

- Initial release