200_Class_C3_compatibility.t   [plain text]

use strict;
use warnings;

use Test::More;


This tests that Class::MOP works correctly
with Class::C3 and it's somewhat insane
approach to method resolution.


use Class::MOP;

    package Diamond_A;
    use mro 'c3';
    use metaclass; # everyone will just inherit this now :)

    sub hello { 'Diamond_A::hello' }
    package Diamond_B;
    use mro 'c3';
    use base 'Diamond_A';
    package Diamond_C;
    use mro 'c3';
    use base 'Diamond_A';

    sub hello { 'Diamond_C::hello' }
    package Diamond_D;
    use mro 'c3';
    use base ('Diamond_B', 'Diamond_C');

# we have to manually initialize
# Class::C3 since we potentially
# skip this test if it is not present

#    [ Class::C3::calculateMRO('Diamond_D') ],
    [ Diamond_D->meta->class_precedence_list ],
    [ qw(Diamond_D Diamond_B Diamond_C Diamond_A) ],
    '... got the right MRO for Diamond_D');

ok(Diamond_A->meta->has_method('hello'), '... A has a method hello');
ok(!Diamond_B->meta->has_method('hello'), '... B does not have a method hello');

ok(Diamond_C->meta->has_method('hello'), '... C has a method hello');
ok(!Diamond_D->meta->has_method('hello'), '... D does not have a method hello');

    skip "C3 does not make aliases on 5.9.5+", 2 if $] > 5.009_004;
    ok(defined &Diamond_B::hello, '... B does have an alias to the method hello');
    ok(defined &Diamond_D::hello, '... D does have an alias to the method hello');