14-might_have.t   [plain text]

use strict;
use Test::More;

	eval "use DBD::SQLite";
	plan $@ ? (skip_all => 'needs DBD::SQLite for testing') : (tests => 18);

	use lib 't/testlib';
	use Film;
	use Blurb;

is(Blurb->primary_column, "title", "Primary key of Blurb = title");
is_deeply [ Blurb->_essential ], [ Blurb->primary_column ], "Essential = Primary";

eval { Blurb->retrieve(10) };
is $@, "", "No problem retrieving non-existent Blurb";

Film->might_have(info => Blurb => qw/blurb/);

	ok my $bt = Film->retrieve('Bad Taste'), "Get Film";
	isa_ok $bt, "Film";
	is $bt->info, undef, "No blurb yet";
	# bug where we couldn't write a class with a might_have that didn't_have
	eval { $bt->update };
	is $@, '', "No problems updating when don't have";
	is $bt->rating, 16, "Updated OK";

	is $bt->blurb, undef, "Bad taste has no blurb";
	$bt->blurb("Wibble bar");
	is $bt->blurb, "Wibble bar", "And we can write the info";

	my $bt   = Film->retrieve('Bad Taste');
	my $info = $bt->info;
	isa_ok $info, 'Blurb';

	is $bt->blurb, $info->blurb, "Blurb is the same as fetching the long way";
	ok $bt->blurb("New blurb"), "We can set the blurb";
	is $bt->blurb, $info->blurb, "Blurb has been set";

	eval { $bt->update };
	is $@, '', "No problems updating when do have";
	is $bt->rating, 18, "Updated OK";

	# cascade delete?
		my $blurb = Blurb->retrieve('Bad Taste');
		isa_ok $blurb => "Blurb";
		$blurb = Blurb->retrieve('Bad Taste');
		is $blurb, undef, "Blurb has gone";