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Revision history for Perl extension Krb5.

1.6	Add methods for iterating through credentials cache
	Deprecated init_ets
	Fix some compiler warnings

1.5	Fix broken compile for Authen::Krb5::Keytab::get_name()

1.4	Added methods for manipulating keytabs (
	Added keyblock accessor functions to allow use of the session key.

1.3	Added get_in_tkt_with_keytab() function (

1.2     Minor fix to support building for Perl 5.6.

1.1     Corrected logic in freed() (internal memory management)
        Fixed segfault on Linux when calling Authen::Krb5::Ccache::DESTROY
	 after calling Authen::Krb5::Ccache::destroy()
	Changed Makefile.PL to support auto-detection of crypto libraries.
	Added support for building with MIT Kerberos 5 Version 1.1.1
1.0	Moved module into the Authen:: namespace.
	Changed return syntax for some functions.  Compilation was failing
	 on certain platforms.
	Fixed some minor bugs.

0.90	Tue Mar 17 10:25:43 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18