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2007-06-17  Malcolm Nooning  <> (0.2020)
	* Got rid of the .svn directories that I errently allowed into
	  the last gz upload.
2007-05-16  Malcolm Nooning  <> (0.2019)
	* Fixed an @opts name that was causing crypt.t to fail.
	  Namely, changed 'cipher' to 'usercipher', but only in @opts,
	  because the tests invoked by crypt.t were looking to match
	  'usercipher' to get the user key.
2004-07-19  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2018)

	* The RPC::PlServer::Comm module is now being used as
	  an encapsulated object $self->{'comm'}. It has
	  definitely been a design flaw to use like it has
	* The client is no longer bound to a maximum message size
	  of 65536 bytes. Emile, <emile at>

2003-05-31  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2017)

	* lib/RPC/ Added Disconnect method for
	  proper cleanup of resources. Steven N. Hirsch,
	  hirschs at
	* lib/RPC/ Initialization of Comm module
	  is now at the beginning of new(). Steven N. Hirsch,
	  hirschs at

2001-10-01  Jochen Wiedmann <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2016)

	* lib/RPC/PlServer/ (Write): Added
	  handling of $\. Brian McCauley
2001-03-26  Jochen Wiedmann <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2014)

	* lib/RPC/ Documentation fixes
	  Joel Meulenberg <>

2001-01-23  Jochen Wiedmann <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2014)

	* lib/RPC/ Changed DES->new to Crypt::DES->new.
	  (Thanks heaven, DES is now a standard module!) Paul
	  Schinder <>

2001-01-22  Jochen Wiedmann <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2013)

	* lib/RPC/ (DESTROY): $@ was possibly destroyed.
	  Tushar <>

1999-06-26  Jochen Wiedmann <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2012)

	* lib/RPC/ (CallMethod): RegExpLock was
	  used too long. Thanks to Brady Montz (

1999-06-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2011)

	* lib/RPC/PlServer/ (Read): The result of read()
	  was used incorrect, resulting in never ending loops.
	  Thanks to Gerald Richter (

1999-04-09  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2010)

	* lib/RPC/PlServer/ (Read): Added 'maxmessage' option
	  to omit "Out of memory" bugs (Liraz Siri <>).
	* Lots of minor bug fixes in the docs of RPC::PlServer and
	  RPC::PlClient. Alf Wachsmann <>
	* lib/RPC/PlServer/ Added 'compression' option.

1999-01-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2003)

	* lib/RPC/ (CallMethod): Fixed bug in lock
	  handling, thanks to

1999-01-12  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2002)

	* Added use of Net::Daemon::RegExpLock.
	* Fixed prerequisite checks in Makefile.PL, my thanks to
	  Andreas Koenig <>.

1998-10-30  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2001)

	* t/methods.t: $handle->Terminate() wasn't called without END.

1998-10-28  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.2000)

	* Complete rewrite, based on Net::Daemon. Renamed to PlRPC,
	  due to compatibility problems.

1998-09-08  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.1006)

	* lib/RPC/ Added Log(), Debug(), Error() and Fatal()
	  methods to support Windows. $self->{'stderr'} can now be an
	  IO handle or any other object supporting a print method.
	  My thanks to Toni L. Harbaugh <> for
	  his patches.

1998-08-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.1005)

	* Makefile.PL: Added check for Sys::Syslog.h to detect problems
	  with missing sys/

1998-07-19  Jochen Wiedmann  <jochen.wiedmann at> (0.1004)

	* lib/RPC/ Embedded all occurrences of setlogsock('unix')
	  into an eval. Required, because it otherwise fails on Solaris.

1998-07-18  Jochen Wiedmann  <> (0.1003)

	* Minor fixes to prevent warnings with DBI::ProxyServer.

0.1002  Checking for existence of Sys::Syslog::setlogsock in test scripts.
	(Ulrich Pfeifer,
	Fixed Socket::inet_ntoa() instead of inet_ntoa() in
	(Ulrich Pfeifer,
	Added 'Reuse' => 1 to server configuration.

0.1001  Tue Aug 19 17:53:44 1997
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18