dbicdump   [plain text]


=head1 NAME

dbicdump - Dump a schema using DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader


  dbicdump [-o <loader_option>=<value> ] <schema_class> <connect_info>


Dbicdump generates a L<DBIx::Class> schema using
L<DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader/make_schema_at> and dumps it to disk.

You can pass any L<DBIx::Class::Loader::Base> constructor option using
C<< -o <option>=<value> >>. For convenience, option names will have C<->
replaced with C<_> and values that look like references or quote-like
operators will be C<eval>-ed before being passed to the constructor.

The C<dump_directory> option defaults to the current directory if not

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader>, L<DBIx::Class>.

=head1 AUTHOR

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker C<< <ilmari@ilmari.org> >>

=head1 LICENSE

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.


use strict;
use warnings;
use Getopt::Long;

use Pod::Usage;

use DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader qw/ make_schema_at /;
require DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Base;

my $loader_options;

GetOptions( 'loader-option|o=s%' => \&handle_option );
$loader_options->{dump_directory} ||= '.';

my ($schema_class, @loader_connect_info) = @ARGV
    or pod2usage(1);

sub handle_option {
    my ($self, $key, $value) = @_;

    $key =~ tr/-/_/;
    die "Unknown option: $key\n"
        unless DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Base->can($key);

    $value = eval $value if $value =~ /^\s*(?:sub\s*\{|q\w?\s*[^\w\s]|[[{])/;

    $loader_options->{$key} = $value;