env013.tcl   [plain text]

# See the file LICENSE for redistribution information.
# Copyright (c) 2005,2008 Oracle.  All rights reserved.
# $Id: env013.tcl,v 1.11 2008/01/08 20:58:53 bostic Exp $
# TEST	env013
# TEST	Test of basic functionality of fileid_reset.
# TEST	Create a database in an env.  Copy it to a new file within
# TEST	the same env.  Reset the file id and make sure it has changed.
proc env013 { } {
	source ./include.tcl
	global util_path

	puts "Env013: Test fileid_reset."

	set testfile A.db
	set dupfile B.db
	set nentries 500
	set filenames "A B C D E"

	foreach lorder { 1234 4321 } {
		puts "\tEnv013.a: Creating env."
		env_cleanup $testdir
		set env [berkdb_env -create -home $testdir -txn]
		error_check_good dbenv [is_valid_env $env] TRUE

		# Open database A, populate and close.
		puts "\tEnv013.b: Creating database with lorder $lorder."
		foreach filename $filenames {
			set db [eval {berkdb_open \
			    -pagesize 8192 -env $env -auto_commit \
			    -btree -create -mode 0644 $testfile $filename} ]
			error_check_good dbopen [is_valid_db $db] TRUE
			set t [$env txn]
			error_check_good txn [is_valid_txn $t $env] TRUE
			for { set i 0 } { $i < $nentries } { incr i } {
				set key KEY.$i
				set data DATA.$i
				    db_put [$db put -txn $t $key $data] 0
			error_check_good txn_commit [$t commit] 0
			error_check_good db_close [$db close] 0

		# Copy database file A to database file B for fileid testing.
		puts "\tEnv013.c: Copy database."
		file copy -force $testdir/$testfile $testdir/$dupfile

		# Reset B's fileid and confirm the ID has changed.
		puts "\tEnv013.d: Resetting file id for copied database."
		error_check_good fileid_reset [$env id_reset $dupfile] 0
		set orig_id [getfileid $testdir/$testfile]
		puts "\tEnv013.d: orig: $orig_id"
		set new_id [getfileid $testdir/$dupfile]
		puts "\tEnv013.d: new: $new_id"
		error_check_bad id_changed $orig_id $new_id

		# Verify and open B.
		puts "\tEnv013.e: Verify and open database copy."
	 	error_check_good verify [verify_dir $testdir "\tEnv013.e: "] 0
		set db [eval {berkdb_open} \
		    -env $env -auto_commit -btree -mode 0644 -rdonly $dupfile]
		error_check_good dup_open [is_valid_db $db] TRUE

		# Clean up.
		error_check_good db_close [$db close] 0
		error_check_good env_close [$env close] 0

# Get file id number, identified as "uid" in db_stat.
proc getfileid { db } {
	global util_path

	set ret [exec $util_path/db_dump -da $db]
	set uidstart [string first "uid:" $ret]
	set uidend [string first "\tminkey:" $ret]
	set uid [string range $ret $uidstart $uidend]
	set uid [string trimright $uid]
	return $uid