ToDo   [plain text]


JRW	07MAY01	Add a line counter for the number of items in the log.
JRW	07MAY01	Add a timer function to update automatically.  This will require some UI to enable and disable.
JRW 09MAY01 Changed the name to "IrDA Debug Log" since we are going to do a "Status" Application
JRW 09MAY01 The number of entries should always be correct now.
JRW 14MAY01 Display first and second in Hex
JRW 14MAY01 Display time in seconds
JRW 14MAY01 Add Delta column

To Do:

1.  Add Filter capabilities.

2.  Implement multiple selection and deletion.

3.  Disable "Add" and "Remove" buttons when timer is running.

4.  Add Save as text.