Change-log.txt   [plain text]

Version 1.3b7 changes
- implemented RTS flow control in checkQueue
- can't do RTS in dbdma chain w/out race w/workloop() writeReg
- cleaned up dbdma read program to remove RTS set/clear
- fixed DTR flow to pay attn to low-water mark instead of just !high-water
- fixed CTS handling to pay attn to CTS signal value
- fixed flow-control mode setting to clear blocked i/o's if needed

Version 1.3b6 changes
- deleted a large amount of unused variables out of the classes
- rewrote dbdma command allocation to use a common pool for rx/tx
- rewrote rx to use a simple double-buffer chain instead of a loop
- added RTS set/clear in the rx dbdma chain
- <rdar://problem/3999457> serial driver dma loops instead of providing a 'stop' at the end

Version 1.3b5 changes
- merge changes from branch PR-3999521
- nuke remaining IOLocks
- pass in workloop to queue creation for debugging gate lock
- put requestEvent work on the command gate
- put interrupt work on the command gate
- some debugging updates

- merge changes from branch PR-4000732
- create our own workloop since our provider's is blocked a lot
- <rdar://problem/4000732> serial driver needs its own workloop

Version 1.3b4 changes
- <rdar://problem/3822193> Use of obsolete and unsupported thread_call_func

Version 1.3b3 changes
- <rdar://problem/3866434> Removing CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleGetInfoString keys from your localizable content
- <rdar://problem/3840202> specifies "-mno-string" in wrong place in XCode
- <rdar://problem/3822193> Use of obsolete and unsupported thread_call_func* interfaces

Version 1.3b2 changes
- <rdar://problem/3748295> AppleRS232Serial KPI: Remove import of <kern/cpu_data.h>
- sanity: added -mno-string to compiler opts (<rdar://problem/3509006>)

Version 1.3b1 changes
- matched on AAPL,connector=DB9 instead of name
- removed matching checks in start() per above
- <rdar://problem/3321808>: AppleRS574Serial.kext should only load on machines w/ a serial port
- todo: figure out why matching needs STRING DB9 instead of DATA like the ch-a actually has.

Version 1.2.4f1 changes
- switch to xcode
- added a Makefile and this log file
- added power sleep/wake code (AppleRS232Power.cpp)
- added call to initForPM() to start() to hook into power tree
- call PMstop() in stop to detach from power tree
- changed copywrite from 2002 to 2002-2004
- changed ALERT macro to also log to ELG (xtrace) when appropriate
- got rid of unused 'previous state' param/returns in scc enable/disable interrupts
- commented out unused interrupt types in InterruptTypes enum
- commented out NOP disable/enable scc interrupt 'kSerialInterrupt' in SccSetBaud
- ditto in SccConfigureForMIDI
- changed rxTimeoutHandler to be a nop if sleeping (can't really cancel timers)
- deleted and* 
- deleted AppleRS232Serial.pbproj/*
- removed USE_WORK_LOOPS define and all the !USE_WORK_LOOPS code, it has to be on

Misc Notes

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	    5) CFBundleShortVersionString (*)
	    6) CFBundleVersion
    (*) strip build info off these

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