Change-log.txt   [plain text]

Version 1.2.4f1 changes
- switch to xcode
- added a Makefile and this log file
- added power sleep/wake code (AppleRS232Power.cpp)
- added call to initForPM() to start() to hook into power tree
- call PMstop() in stop to detach from power tree
- changed copywrite from 2002 to 2002-2004
- changed ALERT macro to also log to ELG (xtrace) when appropriate
- got rid of unused 'previous state' param/returns in scc enable/disable interrupts
- commented out unused interrupt types in InterruptTypes enum
- commented out NOP disable/enable scc interrupt 'kSerialInterrupt' in SccSetBaud
- ditto in SccConfigureForMIDI
- changed rxTimeoutHandler to be a nop if sleeping (can't really cancel timers)
- deleted and* 
- deleted AppleRS232Serial.pbproj/*
- removed USE_WORK_LOOPS define and all the !USE_WORK_LOOPS code, it has to be on

Misc Notes

Version number checklist
	1) CFBundleShortVersionString (*)
	2) CFBundleGetInfoString
	Settings/Expert View
	Info.plist Expert View
	    4) CFBundleGetInfoString
	    5) CFBundleShortVersionString (*)
	    6) CFBundleVersion
    (*) strip build info off these

    cvs tag AppleRS232Serial-1-2-4f1